Look: Woman complains sipping a cup of coffee with a dead mouse lurking inside

A woman claimed she found a dead mouse in her coffee she bought from a popular coffee shop in Mandaluyong City recently.

The woman told the TV Patrol reporter that she couldn’t help but vomit after realizing she took a sip of the coffee with a dead mouse lurking inside.

Pagka-stir ko, doon nakita ang daga. And then nakita ko, Oh my gosh, as in hindi ko alam ang gagawin ko pero buti na alng di ko sya nabitawan bigla. Nanginig na ako that time. Nasusuka na ako.

According to Jessica, not her real name, at around 10 PM she met with friends at the popular coffee shop and ordered different refreshments separately.

The group of friends stayed for a while to hang out and enjoy their coffee drinks. When it was time to go home, they went on separate ways.

Not the fast drinker that she is, she took her drinks home and before she could go further, she realized a hard ‘thing’ was inside her drinks. When she stirred the cup, she saw the dead mouse inside.

Jessica immediately called her friends and went back to coffee shop to complain. To her dismay, the coffee shop denied any wrong doing and told her they were sure it did not come from them.

Patrick, not his real name, friend of Jessica concurred with Jessica.

Malinis nga daw ang store nila. Sa sanitation may permit sila. Sabi nila, bumalik na lang daw kung may mangyari.

Meanwhile, TV Patrol tried to get a statement from the said establishment, but they refused to face the camera. However, the supervisor made an assurance that they will conduct an internal investigation regarding the complaint.

Jessica visited the Mandaluyong City Police Station to file a complaint against the said establishment.

The police advised Jessica to undergo a medical check up and approach the Health and Sanitation Office.

Here’s the video of the dead mouse in the coffee.

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Credits to TV Patrol


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