Mainstream media will not be happy with this. But we certainly are!!! — Marianne Mendoza, ordinary netizen


This is the overriding theme of the picture taken during the meeting between FVR and President Rodrigo Duterte recently.

The photo was shared by former DILG Secterary Rafael Alunan III to the public on Facebook to the delight of the netizens.

He posted it on Monday, 8: 32 PM and wrote a beautiful caption to describe his photo and read:

This picture speaks a thousand words. Some of them: respect, good manners, service, humility, hospitality. All’s well between them despite reported missteps. They are in touch and that augurs well for the nation.

He ended the post by tagging a friend and wrote:

Jackie Rodriguez and I approve!

Netizens who read the post reacted to the post by expressing their appreciation on what they see by commenting on the thread.

Marianne Elise T. Mendoza says: Mainstream media will not be happy with this. But we certainly are!!!

Mercy Viray Admana says: He can be so respectful if he truly respects the person he deals with. He can be worst if he faces the worst..he he tunay na mukha lang.

John Lo says: President Duterte can show respect where respect is due! Good on him.

Raquel Carranza-Vivar What a humble man.
The photo has been shared less than 100 times on Facebook; elicited more than 600 ‘wows’ and more than 500 ‘likes’ and counting.

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