Malacanang dismisses ‘Tanim Bala’ in the NAIA as an isolated case

Sec. Coloma on Tanim Bala

A Palace official downplays the ‘Tanim Bala’ scam incidents victimizing overseas Filipinos workers as an isolated case and the advised the riding public to calm down.

We need to put things in the right context. There are thousands of passengers using the NAIA Terminal on a daily basis and yet only a few passengers were found to be in the possession of bullets – all the reported incidents are being investigated in accordance with the law and the rights of the alleged victims are given due respect, Communications Secretary Sonny Coloma said.

Therefore, let us put things in the proper context; there are thousands of local and foreign travelers passing through our international airport and yet the flow of traffic remains smooth, Sec. Coloma further added.

Secretary Coloma assures the public, though that the government is looking into the alleged scam.

The number one concern of the government is to ensure the safety and welfare of the riding public using our airports and ports. One of the most important aspects is security that is why the government is implementing necessary measures, including screening using electronic equipment, for example the x-ray machine for security purposes.

The ‘Tanim Bala’ scam is allegedly perpetrated by airport security screeners to extort money from the victim who elects to pay money and avoid embarrassment, flight delays and the threat of legal issues as a result of the breach of airport security.

Secretary Coloma said that assistance desks are already in place by the government for those who may have problems at the airport.

As far as Secretary Coloma is concerned, there are public servants in our airport for this purpose to assist the riding public using our airport facilities. He added, NAIA has help desks located inside the airport facility.

The mindset of the government airport employees is to help, to render public service to the airport users. If the lawmakers want to propose a law, let us wait and see.

Source: ABS-CBN News


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