Manila Bulletin earns the ire of Duterte supporters for a misleading & malicious pic

Indeed, the start of the official election campaign period is getting nearer and nearer because the political mudslinging is also intensifying day by day.

The heat of the political battle is already palpable in the social media where supporters of the five Presidential candidates have been posting MEMES & manufacturing stories with the intent to hurt the image of the rival candidates and boost the stocks of their candidate.

But here’s one image that has attracted the attention of Duterte supporters, although the image was posted months ago, on September 9 this year to be precise.

MB pic that earns the ire of Dabawenyos

The pic that earns the ire of Dabawenyos

The Manila Bulletin wrote a caption to describe the pic that reads,

Macarthur Highway in Davao City is not spared from the horrendous traffic condition that has also struck Metro Manila as could be seen in this photo taken near Quimpo Blvd. Lack of discipline among drivers and the sheer volume of vehicles have been initially pinpointed as the major cause of this logjam in the city.

One netizen apparently from Davao City quickly debunks the authenticity of the pic using his astute observation. He came up with three reasons to prove that the newspaper got it all wrong.

First, he wrote, there is no yellow taxi in Davao City. One netizen uploaded a pic to prove his point. Check it out below.

Davao City taxi

Second, the netizen wrote that Quimpo Boulevard in Davao City is not a six-lane highway. Below is the pic of Quimpo Boulevard in Davao City.

Quimpo Blvd. Davao City

Credits to

Third, there are no buses in Davao City the resembles the ones in the pic posted by Manila Bulletin.

Meanwhile, here’s another pic circulating in the social media that is also making a lot of Davaoenos gnashing their teeth. Check out the pic below.

Viral pic that is making Davaoenos angry

The first pic on your left is the same as the Manila Bulletin pic. So the same arguments apply to debunk this.

The next pic shows a dirty coastline, allegedly the Sta. Pier in Davao City. Davao City residents disown this. The pier in Davao City does not look like the one in the pic.

The two lower images depict Davao City as crime infested and lax on NPA’s marijuana planting activity. The netizen from Davao admitted that their city is not a crime or drug-free city, but he said the prevailing situation in Davao City is not as bad as that of Metro Manila.

There has been no statement yet from the management of Manila Bulletin regarding this issue. We are anticipating to hear a word from them soon.

What is your opinion about this post? Do you think the image is edited? I mean, the entire image itself, including the logo and layout of the newspaper to make it appear the newspaper posted it.

Source: Just Like EDSA?


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