Manila Bulletin writer beams with pride after BBC acknowledges Malaysia returning trash to Canada comes on the heels of Duterte standing up for the Philippines!

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu couldn’t hide her joy when BBC acknowledged that Malaysia returning trash to Canada comes in the heels of President Duterte standing up for the Philippines.

Chu said someday we will tell this story to our children and grandchildren that long ago, Filipinos had little pride in them, if at all. We love all things foreign, contented with dole outs from other countries (US) like 2nd hand military hardwares and what not, looked up to public officials like they were heaven sent or gods, resigned to the fact we were global dumping grounds of richer countries, accepted corruption as normal thing etc..

Chu declared that when Duterte came, he transformed the mindset of the Filipinos and expunged our colonial mentality.

Even BBC acknowledges that Malaysia returning the trash comes on the heels of Duterte standing up for the Philippines.

Someday, we will tell our children and grandchildren, “You weren’t alive then, and you may not believe it, but it used to be that the Filipino had little pride in himself. We would be enamored with foreign things, accepted that our guns and planes were second hand or junk, deferred to public officials like Mayors or Congressmen as if they were gods, accepted that we were the global dumping ground of countries richer than us, accepted corruption as a normal everyday part of bureaucracy, felt like we had to bribe government workers to be treated well when we applied for our licenses, our permits, our IDs. Duterte came and changed all that. And looking back now, this is how the great old man changed this country…”

Krizette Chu’s post has elicited positive vibes among her followers, echoing her sentiment that BBC acknowledging PRRD gives them a sense of pride.

Ana Macas It is a privilege becoming a Filipino during Duterte era.
Yung, feeling na you can’t help but be proud of your race because your President is proud too❤️❤️❤️❤️

I used to get embarrassed when people would spot my being bisaya through my accent..
With Duterte as President, I have learned that accent does not matter at all, not an issue at all at every aspect of life…
Maliban na lang siguro if accent is an integral part of your career

Eric Regalado Now more than ever, I am so proud to be a Filipino. 🇵🇭 More than anything else, Duterte gave us back our pride, that we are not 2nd class citizens of the world, and we deserve the same kind of treatment as with any other human being anywhere in the planet regardless kahit ang ilong ko ay pango.

Irene Perez I am just blessed that I am witnessing this historical moment of the Philippines now… Nakakaiyak na nakakatuwa! Tears of joy, ika nga…😍😍😍

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