Manila Bulletin writer blames VP Leni Robredo why President Duterte looks very, very exhausted. Read why!

While Iran has been firing rockets towards the US forces in Iraq, Manila Bulletin writer and Duterte supporter Krizette Chu has just fired the first salvo against Vice President Leni Robredo and the Liberal Party.

In a Facebook post, Chu blamed Robredo why the President is very, very exhausted and cited two reasons why she said so.

The reason the President is very very very exhausted is because not only does he have a lazy Vice President whom you cannot rely on to work, that Vice President has also made herself the enemy of the government as directed by her political party.

Chu said the 74-year-old Duterte has been doing alone in fixing the country’s mess because he has a lazy traitor as his Vice President.

“So PUTANG INA TALAGA, that a 74-year-old man has to do everything himself because he has a lazy traitor as his second in command. I hate Leni more and more every day with the kind of hatred I reserve for people I personally know.”

At this juncture, Chu urged the supporters of the President to pray for the his health, energy and well-being.

“Please always pray for the President’s health, energy, and wellbeing. While the President’s health is affected by the burden of his work, and you can see it take a toll on him physically, Leni Robredo becomes even more giggly and rotund, a psychopath delivering otherwise shocking and disheartening news with a blank smile on her very vapid face.”

Chu said it is no joke battling all the forces wanting to have the scalp of the President like the oligarchs, the Reds, drug lords and political opponents.

“It’s not a joke to battle abusive oligarchs, evil Reds who want to take over the government with their stupid plans, drug lords who will kill to keep their business going, and a political party hellbent on destroying the administration just so they can steal from public coffers again. Especially not at 74 years old.”

Chu once again urged fellow Duterte supporters and the public to discard the remaining trash come 2022 election.


“And Oo 2020 na Dutertard pa din ako, if you have a problem with that, you can go f*ck yourself.”

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Source: Krizette Chu

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