Manila Bulletin writer calls out ABS-CBN, celebs’ self-entitlement, laments zero outrage from woke people & Reds amid franchise renewal drama

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu, staunch Duterte defender on social media, isn’t shy calling out ABS-CBN, the celebrities making a pitch for their network’s franchise renewal, the woke people and the Reds for their role in drama called ABS-CBN franchise renewal.

As the renewal of franchise for ABS CBN looms, it’s gone full offensive, asking its most beloved celebrities to sign and push petitions for its franchise renewal.

Chu chided the network owner for the amount of propaganda, apparently their last-ditch effort to sway Congress to extend their franchise when they could just pay their taxes right.

So much propaganda when they could just pay their taxes right?

Chu criticized the agreement ABS-CBN entered with BIR allowing them to pay 40% of what they owe to the government. Chu asked if this kind of agreement can be enjoyed by ordinary Pinoys like her?

ABS CBN went into an agreement with the BIR that they will just pay 40 percent (compromise agreement) of their utang. PWEDE BA TO SA NORMAL NA MAMAYANG PILIPINO? Pwede ba ako pumunta sa BIR, sabihin 40 percent lang ng tax ko ang babayaran ko pero 100 percent ang paninira at reklamo ko sa inyo? (*ISA PA TONG BIR. So ABS CBN exhibits “inability to pay” the full amount and/or the amount quoted is not legit?)

Chu said she doesn’t get it.

Di ko talaga ma gets.

Cbu also took a jab at celebrities who are pushing for the renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise. She wondered if these celebrities are asking the public to turn a blind eye? Chu said that if that’s case, this sounded unfair to her and the ordinary Filipinos who are religiously paying their taxes while this giant network can get away with it.

Are these celebrities asking us to look the other way? Hindi ba unfair sa ordinaryong mamamayan na nagbabayad ng tax na yung ganyang kalaking network hindi nagbabayad ng tama?

Chu chided the celebrities for asking ordinary Filipinos – their fans and supporters – to make sacrifices while they live in mansions and drive expensive cars.

Yung mga nag nag Jeep papasok ng work, yung mga nag bebedspace lang ng malapit sa work nila, yung mga naka tayo all day, yung mga normal ABS CBN employees—sila pa talaga ang hini hingan nyo ng sakripisyo while you live in your mansions and drive your expensive cars?

Chu asked the celebrities where is there sense of social justice when their way of life that’s under attack?

Parang mali? Where’s your sense of social justice when it’s your way of life that’s threatened?

Chu remarked that the impending closure of ABS-CBN stings because it could mean losing their earnings that runs into millions of pesos and wants normal people not to fight for big companies to pay their proper taxes that will go to building a better Philippines.

It stings because these celebs earn millions, and they want normal people who earn minimum wage to not fight for big companies to pay proper tax that will go to building a better PH. Buti naman kung hindi sila nauuna pumuna pag kulang ang services.

Chu slammed ABS-CBN for too much drama when they could have fix it easily by paying what they owe to the government.

I mean, ABS-CBN doesn’t have to complicate the issue, just pay your tax RIGHT. I know it’s showbiz, but this is just too much drama for something so fixable.

Chu called the drama about ABS-CBN legacy and jobs to be lost are just plain BS (bullshit) when in the first place it was trying, I disagree, been fooling the government present and past by not paying its taxes right.

All these drama about ABS CBN legacy, jobs to be lost, WHEN IN THE FIRST PLACE IT WAS TRYING TO FOOL THE GOVERNMENT BY NOT PAYING ITS TAX RIGHT. And not the Duterte government—but all the governments that let it pass in fear of powerful media retribution.

Chu once again harshly criticized the self-entitlement of the celebrities by demanding their fans (ordinary folks) to make sacrifices when they could just ask ABS-CBN to pay the right taxes.

Parang unfair naman ata that celebrities who have no idea about the daily grind of people who pay their taxes right demand something from their followers when they could just turn around and ask their network to pay the proper tax. So much entitlement.

Chu ended the FB post by asking the WOKES, the Reds who hates the Capitalists to show their outrage against ABS-CBN.

WHERE’S THE FUCKING OUTRAGE, WOKE PEOPLE. Where are you, Reds? Where are you, communists who deplore abusive capitalists?

Your reaction?

Source: Krizette Chu

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