Manila Bulletin writer explains why Duterte’s slipped ratings does not affect her, why opposition supporters should stop gloating

Here’s my take of the latest dipped in Duterte’s approval ratings, Leni Robredo coming out as the opposition’s leader and the opposition blaming every bad things happening to the government – the opposition is strategically looking at the 2019 election.

My hunch resonates with that of Manila Bulletin editor and writer Krizette Laureta Chu who recently wrote something to that effect on Facebook.

Chu also chided the supporters of the opposition who celebrated when the news that Duterte’s approval ratings took significant dipped spread on social media.

She compared the jubilant supporters of the opposition to someone who rejoiced that one’s bitter rival has a bad case of flu while he/she has a stage 4 cancer”.

Chu said no matter how bad Duterte’s rating is, Leni couldn’t be more worse.

Chu added that “one can easily remedy Duterte’s flu but Leni’s and LP’s as society’s cancer are hopeless. ”

Meanwhile, Chu explained that Duterte’s slipped ratings is that the opposition is simply setting up the stage to make a comeback in next year’s election by wresting the local posts away from Duterte’s grip.

When Duterte loses his firm grip of the LGU’s, the LP can come back as saviors.


Being happy that Duterte’s ratings have slipped is like celebrating that your archenemy has a bad case of viral flu while you have stage 4 cancer.

No matter how bad Dut’s rating is, Leni’s–and the rest of Dut’s opposition–will always be way way way worse. Paano, nag metastasize na, nagkalat na.

You can fix Duterte’s flu with little fixes here and there. But Leni’s and LP as society’s cancer? You’ll really a need a miracle to turn that around.

TRUTH BOMB ALERT (ulitin ko lang):
No matter how bad Dut’s ratings get, Leni’s will always be worse. So saan galing ang celebration? Di kaya nakakahiya mag celebrate pag ganyan? “Yehey, Good na lang si Duterte, si Leni Very very bad lang.” Sabi pa ng isang wise Filipino icon, named Babalu, “Acheche!”

PS: No offense to all the Stage 4 cancers for comparing you to LP. It’s just that there’s no scarier sounding illness. Sorry for this insult. Alam kong you’re just doing your job. While Leni isn’t doing anything at all.

PPS: Also maniwala kayo sa slipped ratings. They are just setting the stage because next year is election, hence all these killings of politicians and priests to erode the confidence of people and politicians in Duterte. And when they succeed in that, Duterte loses allies in the LGU. And when he loses allies in the LGU, he loses his firm hold and LP can now come back as the “saviors.” God forbid, Lord!

Hence all this blown up bad news, making TRAIN look like a failure, and making sure we don’t hear the good news. Galawang desperado.

Napanood ko na yan kina Paquito Diaz at Max Alvarado. Ibang script naman.

Here’s how social media reacts to Chu’s post and judging by their comments, they don’t give a damn of Duterte’s ratings.

Insih Benhalid

“Just shows d extreme desperation of d yellows! Nobody can beat Tatay Digong’s ratings compared to d other past presidents post marcos era! But d true ratings are way way above that. Just another yellow’s manipulation. They’re losing!!!”

Lester Dajao

“Even if it goes down to absolute zero the fact still remains he still the president of the Republic of the Philippines thank God for that.”

Carla Santiago

“Di nila napabagsak si PDUTS sa mga propaganda nila kaya sa SURVEY naman idadaan . Hay naku sige lang subukan nyo na lahat.”

Your thoughts?


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