Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu describes Aquino-Duterte political dynamics – Aquino fucks up, Duterte gets blamed

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu will surely earn the ire of the yellow supporters once again for summarizing the Aquino-Duterte political dynamics that paints Noynoy Aquino as bungling President.

Chu said the Sanchez issue perfectly illustrates her argument.

According to Krizette, Aquino fucked up when he was the President and years later, the consequences crop up and his minions blame Duterte for the mess their boss created because they open their mouths without doing proper research.

Chu cited a couple of examples to strengthen her argument including the rice smuggling and malfunctioning MRT trains.

The Sanchez issue is very typical of the Aquino-Duterte political dynamics.

Aquino fucks up.

It takes a while before there are consequences. Consequences happen during Duterte’s term.

And Duterte gets blamed by the acolytes of Aquino who don’t even know how to research.

Tapos sila pa ang galit na galit.

Happened with Sanchez; happened with malfunctioning MRTs; happened with roads that were not built even when they have been in planning stage for years.

Happened with rice smuggling issues that created a false shortage; happened with Boracay closing because of years of neglect; happened with China.

Happened with SSS and Philhealth; happened with bad airports; happened with a whole lot of other shit.

San kaya humuhugot ng kapal ng mukha tong mga to?

Netizen Sarha A. Palo-Maravilla agreed with Krizette.

So true!!! And instead of supporting the government to fixed the mess that they did in the past, what they are doing is criticising. just to make people believe that the admin now is not good. But luckily people nowadays are more clever than what they think.

Alexeeve Chua echoed Sarha’s sentiment.

Yes, country has too much problem to fix that this current administration can’t afford to back track and check every stupid thing that the previous admin did. It can only fix problems as they arises. Adding to the problem are the wide misinformation campaign of the big bias media is doing.

Netizen Luisa Maaliw Mendoza also agreed with the previous commenters.

Yes, everything these stupid idiots did, they put the blame on the present administration! On second thought I think this turn out to be extra good for the present, why, because the more people see the real colors of these idiots the more they put trust on our President Duterte!

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