Manila Bulletin writer pushes for P1M fines for rich people per violation of home quarantine protocol, money is used to fight covid-19

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu joined the angry voices on socmed condemning Senator Koko Pimentel’s dumb and irresponsible behaviour in light of his medical condition.

Entitlement is the word used by Chu to describe Pimentel’s behavior, a malady that afflicts the rich and the powerful thinking they can get away with anything, including violating the law because of their status in society.

in light of this revolting incident, Chu is pushing for an enormous fines for the rich people per violation of P1M or 3 months in jail for cases like this. The money is funneled to the government’s efforts in the fight vs. covid-19.

Chu remarked that if she were the adviser of President Duterte, she would recommend a draconian punishment to discourage this kind of behavior from the high and the mighty in our society.

You may read the full FB post below.

Entitlement is when you think rules don’t apply to you because you’re rich, you’re powerful, and you’re used to being catered to.

I weep for this country.

On one hand, you have disobedience coming from the desperate—those who don’t have refrigerators in their homes and those who can’t afford to stock up on food and must always have to step out of their houses, even when they put themselves at risk, and on the other, you have men like koko pimentel, who don’t think that rules apply to them because “kawawa naman ang asawa ko, mag isa.”

I hope some kind of punishment can be given to people like him.

I want enormous fines for the rich—minimum of P1,000,000 per violation or 3 months in jail for cases like this, and with all fines being contributed to our fight against COVID19.

If I were an adviser of the President, I’d tell him he needs to fine the abusive, the entitled, the ones who feel like they are above the rules they should be enforcing.

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Source: Krizette Chu

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