Manila Bulletin writer shows proof why Pinoys should not thank PNoy for Skyway Stage 3 project

The debate who gets the credit for the just finished Skyway Stage 3, touted to cut travel time from NLEX to SLEX to just 30 minutes from 2 hours and a half, rages on social media even before it officially opens to the public.

Jover Laurio aka Pinoy Ako Blog started the whole debate thing by thanking PNoy on Twitter for the Skyway Stage 3.

Manila Bulletin writer totally rejected the idea put forward by Pinoy Ako Blog that Pinoys should thank PNoy for the Skyway 3 Project.

Chu said the PNoy admin slept on it, doing only 11% of the Skyway Stage 3 Project, acquired only 5% of the right of way, which the Duterte admin inherited when it assumed the project. [Link here]

Presumably, Chu was attacked by sympathizers of the Opposition who believe that accusing the PNoy admin of doing only 11% of the job is sacrilegious, thus forcing her hand to seek evidence to silence her critics.

Chu joked she hated when the fight is purely screencap of the groundbreakings.

“Ayoko talaga puro screencap lang ng groundbreaking ang labanan.

Chu mentioned about dropping by at the DPWH’s office to get some documents to backup her earlier FB post that the PNoy admin only finished 11% of the Skyway Stage 3 project and then sat on it for 2 years.

So kahapon pumunta ako sa DPWH, Sabi ko, “Whats up guys? Your foreman of Skyway Stage 3 here. Don’t mind me I’ll just make kalkal some documents to prove what I said on Facebook.”

“So ayan nga,” Chu exclaimed.

Chu posted the documents from the DPWH to show the public that she was telling the truth after all.

“Ito po eh one document palang of the many documents in my possession as a foreman of Skyway Stage 3.

Chu went on to say that the supporters of the PNoy admin were damn proud of the groundbreaking but after that, they have nothing to show for.

“This means that, in the two years they were proud of the groundbreaking— NI ISANG POSTE walang na move for right of way and shuckattacks.

Chu confidently threw in a pair of questions to netizens if they were aware the PNoy admin did something to NGCP and Meralco poles in the last two years they were supposedly working on the Skyway?

“Have they transferred any NGCP pole in the 2 years they were supposedly working on the Skyway? No

“Have they transferred any Meralco poles in 2 years? No.

Chu sneered at the thought the Dilawan supporters are reduced to grabbong credit of Skyway Stage 3 when she said they did not even move 1 post to make way for the actual civil works. She joked President Duterte did all the heavy lifting of the Skyway Stage 3 project.

“Ni isang POSTE na move to make way for the actual civil works of the Skyway Stage 3, wala. Tapos, THANK YOU PNOY daw. SI DUTERTE PA ANG NAG MOVE NG POSTE. I mean ako, as the foreman.

Chu reiterated her earlier assertion that the Dilawans are purely sharing screencap of groundbreaking and joked she was the foreman of Skyway Stage 3 so they should not dare to make false claims.

“Puro Lang kayo screencap ng groundbreaking. Ako mismo ang foreman so wag nyo akong iyong iyong iyong.

Chu ended the rant by warning the Dilawans not to resort to credit-grabbing because there is a such a thing (FOI) where anyone can request documents from the government for transparency purposes.

“Meron po tayong Tinatawag na.. I forgot what it’s called… basta you can request government to give you documents for transparency. You don’t have to take my word for it.

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Source: Krizette Chu

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