Manila Bulletin writer’s brilliant rebuttal to critics sweeping generalization all policemen are like Jonel Nuezca circulates online

Well, the critics of President Duterte are trying all their might to connect the horrible crime of the cop to the President even if the crime was committed due to a personal feud..

Why? Because it aligns with their political interest if President Duterte’s name is dragged into the horrible crime.

Sadly, the critics are also trying to tarnish the entire PNP by branding all policemen as k!llers like Jonel Nuezca.

This is the sentiment of Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu who wrote a brilliant rebuttal via a Facebook article to defend the good policemen in the PNP whom she believed still comprise the majority.

How? Chu simply borrowed the logic of the critics to debunk their line of arguments.

On Facebook, Chu began by arguing that making a sweeping generalization because of the action of one rotten cop like Jonel Nuezca is akin to saying that all media are paid propagandists.

Chu reminded the critics that Jonel Nuezca is the exception not the rule.

Chu went on to cite the sacrifices of the policemen in the fulfilment of their sworn duty that the critics have ignored.

Chu said it is unfair to pin the rotten behavior of Junel Nuezca to the entire organization and call it “police brutality” in one fell swoop when in the first place, the crime occured because of a personal issue. Of course, Chu agreed it was brutality but not police brutality as critics want Filipinos to believe.

Chu lamented that every day, our policemen give their lives in the line of duty and yet we just ignore them because we reasoned, they are “just doing their jobs.” But one rotten cop did something evil that shocked our sensibilities (Junel Nuezca), some Filipinos are quick to negate the entire PNP organization, and the sacrifices of these men and their families.

Chu can’t help but mentioned policeman friend of her sister who was a victim of an NPA ambuscade and died.

Like in many other occasions, the de@th of her sisters policeman friend passed without public condemnation of the NPA. And then the Tarlac incident came, and suddenly policemen are abusive and “who protects us if our protectors kill us?”

Chu could only uttered “WOW!” amid the attention and the anger expressed on social media.

Chu punctuated the FB rant by leaving the readers with something to chew on, to knock many Filipinos back to their senses.

“The worst of us will never represent the best of humanity.”

Saying all policemen are like Jonel Nuezca is like saying all Justice Secretaries are drug lord bosses and coddlers like…

Posted by Krizette Laureta Chu on Monday, December 21, 2020


Source: Krizette Chu

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