Manila Times columnist bares the “truth” about 90% drop in investment; berates senator, news organization for spreading fake news

Overjoyed by Duterte’s drop in the SWS survey, the opposition camp delivered another bad news to the Duterte government by coming up with a spin to the 90% drop in the country’s investment.

Senator Drilon sounded the alarm bell after listening to the foreign direct investment figures presented during the budget hearing of the National Economic and Development Authority (Neda). [Link here]
Worse, the spin masters of the opposition camp attributed the investment drop to extra judicial killings and lack of trust and confidence of the foreign investors to Pres. Duterte.

This development angered Malou Tiquia of Manila Times, who took to Facebook scolding a senator and the news media organization, for peddling a lie.

A lie? Read the post below to know why Tiquia is angry at the senator and their allies in the mainstream media.

Sa peddlers ng distorted news. Isang Senator at isang media organization na dambuhala at pikon kapag nasabi mong biggest political party ng bansa: Paano nyo nakuha “ang 90% foreign investments ay nawala dahil ba sa EJK?”

Ikumpara ang Q1+ Q2 ng FY 2017 sa Q1+Q2+Q3+Q4 ng mga nakaraang taon bago FY2017 para makarating sa balintuto na 90%. Tingnan nyo kung sinong magaling sa #FakeNews.

Samantala halos parehas lang Ang Q1+Q2 ng FY 2012 sa Q1+Q2 ng FY2017.

Nahulog ako kagabi ng isang dalubhasa sa statistics ay pinuntuhan ito at ibinigay sa akin.

Mahuhulog ka talaga sa silya. Ok ba spin? Survey results on test statements on illegal drugs n EJK for a week. Another striptease on drop on trust n satisfaction ratings and then this absurd line bereft of any data presented. These priming came after a 4 day bull run in PSEi. Seriously, you want to destroy this nation? Damn!

Credits to Malou Tiquia

Netizen JN Horcasitas could only ask in disbelief. “So that article from Inquirer today is based on pure lie! Those paid and lazy onion journalists!”

Benedict Exconde remarks: “Distort facts to cause doubt among investors. Mind conditioning, political propaganda. It does not have to be true; just make it look like such.”

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