Manila Times columnist rejects Leni Robredo’s “palusot” re embarrassing 40×4=1600 epic math fail

So Leni Robredo allegedly made an attempt to explain the embarrassing epic multiplication fail that turned her the toast of the town for the last two days inside and outside social media.

However, the alleged Robredo’s Facebook post has either been deleted or it was photoshopped. [Leni Gerona Robredo]

One netizen had the presence of mind and took a screenshot of the said Leni Robredo FB post and soon found its way back to Facebook via Manila Times Columnist Jojo Robles.

To make the story short, Robles said he posted the screenshot of Robredo’s deleted or photoshopped Facebook post “in the hope that Aling Leni realizes that no one appears more competent by refusing to admit a mistake.”

Robles urged the public to watch the video again here if indeed Robredo was telling the truth or simply attempting to make a “palusot” or an excuse to save her face.

A visibly irritated Robles reprimanded Rodredo for making excuses. In the end, she is still 4x10x4.

And still incompetent, Robles said emphatically.

Anyway, check out the screenshot of alleged Robredo FB post below for your reference.

As of this writing, Robles’ FB post has gathered 545 shares, 899 reactions and a lot of comments.

Let us check the comments below if social media find Robredo’s excuse acceptable.

Yuko Takei

“Sabi niya noong una P4.00/kilo x 10 a week=P40 x 4 weeks is P160. Bakti nagbago ang salita niya? Kas nabisto!”

Thelma Robles

“Brizuela Hahaha sinungaling ka Manay!!! 4 pesos ( wala ka naman sinabing 40 e..sabi mo 42 pesos na ang kilo ngayon) ang increase ng rice x 10 x 4 = 1,600.00 huli ka na humihirit ka pa! Very competent ka sa Math!”

Maureen Rose Mejia-Villar

“Well, we still have the video evidence that proves her incompetence. Took her 3 whole days to come up with this lame excuse? Sooooo slooooow talagaaaa cyaaaaaa.”

Bing Parel

“sinungaling!!! You were referring to the additional price of 4 pesos, kasi ask mo pa sa amuyong mo how much presyo ng bigas kasi kamo di ka updated — kala ko ba gets mo yung nasa laylayan???– around P42 yung presyo, mas mahal ng apat na piso kesa sa pagumpisa ng trade sabi mo. Ayaw pa kasi umamin, kainis!😠😠😠”

Bella Alacapa

“Super PATHETIC woman and wow, she wants to be President ?? Keep on Dreaming, it’s free.”

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