MAPA enforcer caught on cam punching a pedestrian for jaywalking

A video of a Makati Parking Authority enforcer manhandling a pedestrian is doing the rounds online.

MAPSA abuses

In a Facebook post shared more than 1000 times, an hour after it appeared in the Facebook Page “Newsgraph,” the video of the abusive act was documented by a bystander who witnessed the incident.

The victim is identified as Omar Belonia.

According to the uncle, his nephew was caught jaywalking by the traffic enforcer. Instead of receiving a warning or what, the jaywalker received cuss words, followed by a series of punches that caused the victim to hit the ground.

In the video, two MAPA enforcers can be in the scene of the action but only was visibly punching the pedestrian. The second traffic enforcer did nothing to stop his colleague.

The short video lasted 40 seconds and did not show the jaywalking part which would have given us a better picture of the incident.

In fairness to the MAPA constables, we have yet to hear their side, so we will be glad to hear their story and explain their version.

A Makati Parking Authority, Inc (MAPA) enforcer is caught beating a pedestrian Omar Belonia earlier.WATCH and READ THE DETAILS:"Mapang abusong MAPA ng Makati sa isang tao na nagkamali sa pagtawid sa kalye minura agad at binugbog..pinagtulungan bugbugin ng mga MAPA ng Makati. Grabe na talaga ang pang aabuso ng mga ito…tsktsktsk…yan po ang ginawa nla sa pamangkin ko na si Omar Belonia. Panoorin po nyo..salamat sa kumuha ng video isang concerned citizen na nakawitness sa pangyayari"Aunt of the victim uploaded the video.- Elis

Posted by Newsgraph on Monday, March 7, 2016

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