“Mas delikado pa ang coronang meron tayo sa pandidiri at pagiging r@ci$t$ kesa sa coronavirus na yan.” — Davaoeño blogger on people wants to ban flights from China

Judging by the tone of his voice, Facebook blogger who calls himself ALBERTisement, isn’t in favor of the proposal of netizens to ban flights from China. He asked how about our other neighbors who have confirmed cases of 2019 nCOV?

Ban flights from China? Ang ibang mga kapitbahay beshy?

ALBERTisement said that the last time checked the update, 5 of our neighboring countries in Asia have confirmed nCOV.

The last time I checked the update, confirmed nCoV case sa Hongkong is 10, Japan 11, Singapore 10, Thailand 14, and the nearest Taiwan got 8.

ALBERTisement announced, for the sake of those insisting travel ban, the Philippines has already suspended a few days ago the visa upon arrival from China.

By the way, Philippines has ALREADY suspended few days ago the visa upon arrival for China.

ALBERTisement chided Pinoy wokes for not pushing for any trend showing support for Wuhan or China until now. Worse, some Filipinos are making remarks that it just serves them (Chinese) right.

There are over 7,700 cases of nCoV now in China. Innocent children included and yet I haven’t seen any trend using the popular ‘PRAY’ hashtag #PrayForChina or #PrayForWuhan. Tapos tayo itong ang lakas maka “BUTI NGA SA INYO”.

ALBERTisement said he perfectly understands their concern and he agreed with them but he just disagrees the manner they express their sentiment.

I understand your call for a total ban of Chinese (include me for this) but the way you call it out reflects who you are. Kung baga, kung magkaka zombie apocalypse, alam ko na kung sino ang pupuntahan ko at sino ang iiwasan ko na mga klaseng tao.

ALBERTisment appealed to the Pinoy wokes and critics of the Duterte admin, for humanity’s sake to stop adding more adjectives to their campaigns. He said they are dirty, the Filipinos are clean in sarcastic tone.

For humanity sake, wag nyo dagdagan ng unnecessary ADJECTIVES yung mga campaigns nyo. Yes, you have the right to burst your anger. Sila na ang marumi, tayo na ang malinis no?

ALBERTisment remarked the world has been doing its best in stopping the virus on its tracks but he noticed the irony that the Pinoys who acts like they are the cleanest people on earth can’t even clean one’s backyards. In 2019, 271,480 dengue cases were reported and 2,000 fatalities were reported. He did not stop here. Please read the entire paragraph below for your reference.

My point is, the world has been doing its best against that bitch Novel ConV at least to reduce or stop a hundred deaths. Pero ikaw itong di malinis ang bakuran at sa 2019 (Jan-Aug alone) we have 271,480 dengue cases killing almost 2,000 patients. Ikaw itong di alam na we have 3 to 5 million cases of severe illness of a seasonal FLU only, and about 290,000 to 650,000 respiratory deaths worldwide as per WHO dahil di mo magawa gawa ang simpleng paghugas ng kamay at basic hygiene and flu protection. And oh, should I also need to mention the staggering number of HIV cases in our country? Baka malaglag ka sa upuan.

ALBERTisement ended the post urging the public, critics and Duterte supporters alike, to let the DOH their job. Not all facebook. He joked that mask will never ever hide their hypocrisies. Ouch!

Let DOH do their job and let’s do our part. Wag puro facebook. Di kelanman matatakpan ng MASK ang pagiging hipokrito.

ALBERTisement remarked that the corona (crown) Filipinos possess that is more dangerous is the crown of being a r@ci$t and loathing for filth.

Mas delikado pa ang coronang meron tayo sa pandidiri at pagiging rac!$t$ kesa sa coronavirus na yan.

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Source: ALBERTisement

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