“Masterpiece!” International expert hails Duterte’s ICC withdrawal move, says it averts grand plan of opposition. Read why!

While critics assail Duterte over ICC withdrawal order, this international relation expert have nothing but praises at Duterte’s latest political move.

Leading opposition leaders, personalities and friends from the academe took turns in taking the PR offensive to mock and malign Duterte in the eyes of the public.

A highly disappointed Senator Risa Hontiveros tried her to dissuade Duterte telling the President that cutting the ties now with ICC won’t stop them from moving forward with the criminal investigation.

May I remind President Duterte that even if he declared the country’s withdrawal from the treaty, it will not discharge our country of its obligations while it was still a party to the said agreement. In fact, it will not affect our country’s cooperation with the ICC conducting criminal investigations which were initiated before the said withdrawal.

Simply put, President Duterte can still be held liable for offenses committed while the Philippines was a signatory to the ICC, even assuming the withdrawal is lawful — which is not the case as article 127 of The Rome Statute says that a withdrawal is effective only one year after receipt of notification.

La Salle professor of International Studies Department warns the country will become a pariah state: “You cannot simply withdraw unless you have the concurrence of the Philippine Senate. We will become a pariah.” (BusinessWorld, March 14, 2018)

According to Merriam-Webster, pariah is one that is despised or rejected: outcast.

In another front, lawyer Jude Sabio echoed fellow Duterte critic Risa Hontiveros sentiment and calling the ICC withdrawal “counter-productive” and Duterte is “digging his own grave”.

However, international relations expert Jun Avelino says Duterte’s move to withdraw from ICC completely snuffs the life out of the opposition plan to effect regime change and install Leni Robredo as president.

In short, Duterte pulled out the oxygen of the opposition’s grand and evil plan to grab power.

Avelino explained that time is on the opposition’s side.

The opposition needs to complete the preliminary examination in one year and that is very unlikely says Avelino. Otherwise, the opposition can kiss their hopes of replacing Duterte with Robredo goodbye.

In case the results of the preliminary examination are in their favor, the preliminary investigation can proceed.

The plan, if I am not mistaken, was to use the ICC case to drum up local and international support using all the dirty tricks known to mankind. And ultimately, oust Duterte from power when his 85% trust approval rating evaporates or softens by endless black propaganda attacks.

ICC Withdrawal: Digong’s Strategy to Avert the Opposition’s Political Orgasm

That the ICC preliminary examination can proceed despite the withdrawal of our membership thereon is really a no-brainer. Duterte knows that and so with all the Dutertards. Hence, the claim that the withdrawal is to avoid ICC preliminary examination smacks of the anti Dutertards’ stupidity as it is purely an idiotic gimmickry and black propaganda which only their retarded minions will bite but never the enlightened public.

Based on recent government pronouncements, it is obvious that such a move however is more of a strategy to abbreviate the political circus which Digong’s antagonists have been preparing and are now gunning for a protracted black propaganda war using the ICC case as a platform. The withdrawal will render all their carefully-planned machinations in tatters. Hence, the panic mode amongst themselves now.

While it is true that the preliminary examination undertaken by ICC can proceed notwithstanding the country’s withdrawal of membership, the question on when will the examination be completed is one tricky issue which the Anti Dutertards are now facing and helplessly trying to remedy and prepare for the avalanche of adverse ramifications on their strategy given such a move. Worst, their enemy is time. They have one year to complete the preliminary examination and if the results are on their favor, the preliminary investigation can proceed. Otherwise, one year after the notice has been sent to UN Secretary General which has been done today, we can already put this ICC case to its final resting place. And please note, we have actual cases filed in ICC which remain under preliminary examination stage for over 10 years now – the case of Columbia which has been under that same stage since 2004 or 14 years in pendency now. If ICC completes the preliminary examination for Philippines in less than a year, then that is something fishy, which the world will surely frown upon and Philippines will protest.

One serious hurdle which the ICC prosecutor will be facing is how to get the cooperation of the government knowing that it has already withdrawn its membership from the body. This would certainly further delay the proceedings and for all we know, the 1-year period has lapsed and boom – the country is now beyond the reach of ICC. If the government refuses to cooperate, what is the recourse of the ICC? Does it have the police power to compel Duterte to cooperate? There is none. And it cannot either render judgment of guilt by reason of non-cooperation of member states. Tick Tak Tick Tak…. That’s the strategy.

What really happened here is that there is now an evident concerted effort among the Anti Dutertards and their allies abroad to launch a massive attack against Duterte using the ICC case as their last recourse to oust him and let Robredo become the President. A well-oiled campaign machinery is now repositioned abroad for this attack with all the demonic forces from the yellows, the reds, the religious, local and global mainstream media, UN rights bodies, the paid mad dogs like HRW and AI and the rest who share the same diabolic intent and lust for the destruction of our country’s well- being. Digong is trying to foil such demonic move. Obviously, Duterte’s strategy is withdraw our membership now and buy time for the 1 year period to lapse until we are beyond the reach of ICC. It is that simple. And if the anti Dutertards still don’t get it, let me explain it in a very understandable way.

Digong prodded you to file a complaint against him with ICC for which you did. Then he challenged the ICC to convict him and the ICC prosecutor is now conducting a preliminary examination against him which prompted you to think that Digong can be convicted. So, you plough in all your resources now abroad and poured in everything in this ICC case, preparing to launch an attack against him which have actually started with the recent pronouncements of your allies like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and lately, the UN Human Rights Council Chief who insulted Digong and not to mention Trillanes’ usual clandestine move to feed the world with his idiotic information on the human rights situationer in relation to our war on drugs recently in Vienna. But Digong suddenly withdrew our membership! How will it impact now on all your demonizing efforts? It’s one poisonous bait which you all took hook line and sinker and he got you throwing off at the end. He took you for a long ride and left you hanging in the air like a hopeless idiotic apes scratching their heads in awe and desperation. What a masterpiece!

And if that was hard for you to chew on, here is another way of saying it.

Your partner prompted you to do all the best f0r&pl@ys you can muster. But just when you are gunning and ready for the big bang, he/she got up and decided to stop and leave. Ouch! That’s gonna hurt. Isn’t it painful? You want to beg him/her to come back so you can finish off with your shenanigans anchored mainly on your lust for power. And what you got is a slap on your crying face sabay sabi “manigas ka!.. Ansakit!! It may be so sadistic of him but you so well deserve it for all the demonic intentions you harbor against him and this country. Now that you are left hanging alone, what is your recourse? Ah, let me guide you. Why don‘t you join the fray of the CPP/NPA/NDF who continue to advocate “armed struggle” in toppling this government? After all, what you need really this time is purely “political orgasm” through “armed struggle” to relieve yourself unilaterally of your lust for Duterte. That sounds great.I am pretty sure, the NPAs will provide you with the venue and comfort to do it with them.

If you don’t feel like doing it with the reds, go back to the streets again and vandalize every corner of this country with all your demands for Digong to go back to ICC for trial with your slogan: No to Withdrawal! Yes to Political Orgasm! – Sanamagan. You will be going mad folks.

But then your experts will comfort you, saying that it’s not the end of the world yet as you can go to UN Security Council for support in referring the case against Digong to the ICC despite the non-membership status of Philippines using the case of Libya and Sudan as models. By all means, you can do that. But who are the members of the 15-member Security Council? There are 5 permanent members of that body (China, Russia, France, US and UK) while the rest are non-permanent members. It takes only one vote to torpedo a resolution and then kill it in case you succeed in bringing Digong’s case there. With China and Russia around in that body, our country is in good hands. I doubt even if US will vote against us.

So there you go folks. These scenarios will tell you that the Anti Dutertards are now like rats running with no direction inside a four-corner blank wall. Everywhere you go is a dead end for your political machinations. Throw off the towel and go back to the drawing board. Prepare for the 2019 and 2022 elections if you want to be back in Malacanang. Convince the people that your alternative programs (if any) are better than that of Duterte’s by educating them about what you espouse. Stop this mayhem! As a democratic country, you can only get back power by winning the support of the people through elections and you will never have that support by destroying our government and this country so that your puppet, Leni Robredo, will become President. The Filipino people will never allow that. If you insist on political assassination and destabilization, your current 4 percent rating (anti Dutertards population) will further diminish.

We need a real opposition group in this country and you owe it to the people to perform your role in ensuring that this government is constantly held in check for better governance and not by demonizing, much less, destroying it. By denying us of the opportunity to participate in the dynamics of checks and balance on the whole gamut of the country’s governance due to the absence of a real opposition, you in effect, contribute to the demise of democracy in this country which can only exist in an atmosphere where real dissent is encouraged and nourished. Please, spare this country with your idiocy!

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