Mayor Duterte might be filing his COC with Manny Pacquiao

The advanced party of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte led by the Peter Tiu Lavina and friends is already in Intramuros waiting with bated breath for the arrival of Mayor Duterte between now and tomorrow.

Various groups urging Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to make a run for the Presidency are planning to make a vigil outside the Comelec’s Office in Intramuros in the evening.

A series of mass will be held at the Manila Cathedral starting at 10 AM onwards.

In Davao City, his followers will hold a prayer-thanksgiving event at the Rizal Park at 4 pm.

Peter Tiu Lavina believes many people will be watching the airport in Davao to see if the Mayor will be taking a flight to Manila. However, there is a possibility that he will be flying to Manila courtesy of a friend who owns a private plane in the South and instead hitch a ride.

The spokesman of Mayor Duterte dropped a hint that the Mayor might be filing his COC together with Manny Pacquiao. So there is a chance that Mayor Duterte will fly out of Gen Santos to Manila since Congressman Pacquiao owns a private plane.

Meanwhile, he encourages all Duterte supporters to troop to the nearest barbershop to get their heads shaved in solidarity with the Kalyeserye phenomenon.

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Peter Lavina Tiu

So what are you waiting for Duterte followers?


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