Mayor Duterte: No more cursing, promise to donate 1K pesos for every violation

Duterte meets Archbishop Valles1

Credits to Bong Go

In an apparent move to prevent the wide gulf between the church leaders and him, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte asked for an audience with Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles today at the Archbishop Palace in the city.

Before the visit, the CBCP challenged Mayor Duterte to file a case against the alleged sexual perpetrator(s) when the young Duterte was still in high school.

Before the meeting with Archbishop Valles, Mayor Duterte clarified that he is not making a sweeping accusations against the men in cloth.

Duterte meets Archbishop Valles1

Credits to Bong Go

Furthermore, Mayor Duterte said he is willing to listen to the priest because he has a high respect for the church as a Roman Catholic practitioner.

Mayor Duterte reportedly received a good tongue lashing from the Archbishop of Davao and got a short review class on good manners and right conduct.

After the meeting with Archbishop Valles, Duterte announced he will stop cursing. For every curse word that comes out of his mouth, he will donate 1,000 pesos to the Archbishop Palace. The money will form part of the funds for the Archbishop’s various outreach programs for the poor.

During the interview with the reporters, Mayor Duterte cursed twice. At the end of the interview, he donated 2,000 pesos to charity.

Before he bade farewell to the reporters, he almost made a slip of the tongue. Bong Go, his assistant, was quick to remind the Mayor that he only had 500.00 in his pocket.

You may watch the video now.

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