Mayor Duterte’s brilliant response to accusations of Trillanes he owns 211M & other properties

A post containing the rebuttal of Mayor Duterte against the accusation of Senator Trillanes that he owns millions of pesos in the bank is doing the rounds online.

Mayor Dutertes brilliant response to accusations made by Trillanes

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In a Facebook post published recently, Norodin Alonto Lucman, respected Muslim scholar and former government consultant against illegal drugs in ARMM re-posted the alleged letter attributed to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Without further adieu, please READ the FULL TEXT of Mayor Duterte’s brilliant response to the black propaganda being circulated online to derail his march to Malacanang.

If I am a well-respected mayor of a major city and I have 211 million, why on earth would I keep it in a bank outside of my city?

If it is dirty money I would keep it in a bank in my jurisdiction where I can influence bank officials not to disclose it and name it under an alias and under multiple bank accounts or better yet deposit it on a foreign bank account.

If I have that amount I would just have to declare that I have 211 million, I can easily say that it’s my inheritance money, my father was the former governor anyways, no one would notice.

If I have 211 million, does that mean that I am the richest presidential candidate?

That makes me richer than the son of the elite?

I should have sent my children to universities outside of the country. I should have sent my ex-wife to the best doctors in Asia for her treatment and not just in my city.

What’s more surprising is that no one in the government including the former house speaker who was my political nemesis, as influential as he was, ever found out that this bank account exists.

Not until I lead in the presidential polls.

And for the love of everyone, why would I continue to live in this modest house, use a single, old model pick- up as my service and wear the same clothes over and over again if I have that money? I even only have one aid and one security detail, one that is assigned by the PNP and he’s driving for me too.

Now, they insist that I open, for public scrutiny, a bank account that I did not know of nor open an account on.

In this day where they can manipulate billions into bank accounts and withdraw them without the knowledge of the account name holders, would it be wise for me to fall into the trap if someone created that bank account under my name and deposited money into it?

I know better, I am in public service for 40 years, I am a lawyer. Burden of proof lies on the accuser. – Mayor Rodrigo Duterte


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