Mindanaon gets personal against SC Associate Justice Marvic Leonen following ‘NO’ vote to Martial Law in Mindanao

After voting ‘NO’ to Duterte’s Martial Law, Associate SC Justice Marvic Leonen has been getting tough love on social media, particularly from Mindanaon’s.

Drei Toledo, a Mindanaon from the Mambajao Camiguin and formerly from DepEd, took to Facebook criticizing the Associate SC Justice Leonen and remarked that she sincerely hope that he voted ‘NO’ because of his judgment not because he got paid.

Apparently irked by Leonen’s ‘NO’ vote, Toledo got personal by sharing a trivia about the Associate SC Justice’s troubled marriage.

Read the post below.

“O Leonen, Leonen. Ex-neighbor in UP Diliman, Mr. Leonen. Your ex-wife left you for the DAUGHTER of our former landlady. Somehow, it seems extremely difficult for you to judge who is a rebel, a terrorist, and a lesbian.

I sincerely hope the problem lies in your sense of judgment, and not in the possible price behind your dissent.

You have come a long way from being a simple native from the Mountain Province. I plead you respect every #MindanaONE and Lumad’s right to be protected by the government under #MartialLOVE. I know you are capable of better judgment. Please use it wisely.

If you know how hard life is for natives, as you are one yourself, should you not make the protection of the lives and rights of natives a priority in your judgment as well?

I am from Mindanao.
I am based in #MindaNOW.”

The post ended with the following hashtags: #I_Support_Martial_Law ❤️🇵🇭❤️
#RevolutionaryGovernmentNOW #RevGovNaDU30 #Philippines #DU30 #Leadership #EndImpunity #ConscriptionPH

Netizens took the cue from Toledo and resort to personal attack against the SC Justice.

Neil Robert Alagos Duterte remarked: “Papano kaya naging Ass-sociate Justice to? Hahahaahahahahaah love the poker face”

Melchor Vergara wrote: “when your wife leaves you for another WOMAN, that is the supreme insult to a guy”

Fil-Am blogger Edwin Jamora commented: “Mahirap i-base ang opinion on something out of fear. You also have to look at everything that is happening on the ground. I do not believe na martial law IS THE SOLUTION to everything. It is just a tool to help sa solution!

In the end, who or what do you protect?! The concept of martial law? Or the citizens and people being killed on the streets?!

Ganun mag-isip! Mag-aral ka nga uli Leonen! – “

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