Mocha Uson trounces Kris Aquino in GMA online poll by a mile. Netizen’s post validates Mocha’s win over Kris?

Did you notice that at the height of the feud between Mocha Uson and Kris Aquino, the opposing camps use the hashtags #LabanKris and #StandWithMocha in social media to show support for their idols?

GMA 7 even conducted an online poll urging its social media followers to cast their vote between #TeamMocha and #TeamKris.


The result of the GMA online poll showed Mocha Uson beating Kris Aquino convincingly.

Do you want to know why?

Here’s what Adolf Mortera said on Facebook explaining why Kris Aquino was badly beaten by Mocha Uson in the GMA online poll.

“In GMA online poll, 84.7% voted for Mocha & only 17.5% voted for Kris.

To me, this means Kris is an overrated product endorser and during her heyday, this woman from Laos got her endorsement deals not because she can attract customers but because of her political influence on business owners.

Kris is a product of mainstream yellow media hype and of ABSCBN’s humongous promo budget for building up stars.

In a clean election, Mocha can beat Kris 1:1 in a senate race anytime. If I were a product owner, I will drop Kris as an unrecyclable toxic waste and get Mocha instead as product endorser, and the ad campaign should target OFWs, who are her strongest support base.”

Meanwhile, I stumble upon Josh Gonzales Facebook post and my suspicion was, he voted for Mocha Uson in the GMA online poll.

To understand a little about Mocha’s supporters and why they chose her over Kris, let us read Gonzales’ Facebook post below.


First, contextualize muna natin. Let’s give MOCHA USON BLOG a lil bit background. Margaux Uson’s mom is a doctor while her dad was a prosecutor. She’s a licensed Medical Techonologist and on her way to becoming a doctor when her father died after the criminals he was prosecuting murdered him simply because hindi sya nasisilaw sa pera and threats coz he wanted to straighten the fucked up justice system we had. When her father got murdered, her mom had cancer. They were financially unstable that time. She needs to support her needs, her mom’s medication, and her sibling’s education at the sane time. Yes, she’s a licensed Medical Techonologist but let’s admit. MedTech is one of the least paid jobs and her earnings from being one isn’t enough for them to live. So Margaux becomes Mocha.

Now, to the video. You know, you may call me blind, dumb or what but honestly, asaan ang mali run? She only showed the video of Duterte kissing an OFW, and Ninoy kissing 2 women on the same flight he was in. Then she asked, “paki-explain?”. So why are you guys reacting as if she violated a law? Na she committed a grave sin? As controversial and alarming as the wet ballot boxes, sudden increase in inflation rate, and DengVaXia case? Tanong lang.

I know, it is okay and normal for Kris Aquino to speak up, kasi nga yeah daughter sya, anak sya and tatay nya yun. But why react as if Mocha said something na nambalahura sa parents nya when Mocha said nothing but to “paki explain?” when she was just pointing out everyone’s double standards when it comes to the president?

Atsaka ha, Kris Aquino’s acting as if she’s genuinely fighting for her parents but why place an endorsement at the end of every argument as if she’s paid to do so? Parang pinagkakakitaan si Mocha, sa totoo lang. Tapos, now mapapabalitang she has an upcoming movie and has a plan to run for a public position like huh???? Ano raw???? Ang labas, she picked a fight with Mocha just for publicity. Media play. Just to endorse her endorsements and promote herself. Sorry Krissy ha, pero ganun ang labas eh.

Another thing, she challenged Mocha for a fight but ended up contacting Bong Go to silence Mocha and ask for public apology? Everyone of us has freedom of expression, you cannot force someone to apologize as she was just invoking her rights. I know, I know. There’s no absolute freedom so we have to be careful of the things we are saying pero may sinabi ba si Mocha na something libellous sa video? Wala. So ano na?

Nakakatawa rin kasi yung mga nagagalit kay Mocha ang palaging sinasabi Mocha needs to be careful kasi free speech has limitation and sort of, pero sila rin tong kung maka-pokpok, dick grabber and sort kay Mocha, wagas. Sila itong panay sabing Mocha needs to apologize coz she offends Kris as a daughter, pero sila ring yung pinapa shut up sina BBM and Imee when the two were just defending their family. Aba’y ewan ko sa inyo!

Mocha only exercised her free speech just like you exercising your free speech calling her a slut. But, why is it okay for you to exercise that but wrong for Mocha to invoke hers? Just because she’s Mocha? A former bold star? The woman who committed a mistake about the Constitution, the woman who committed a mistake about her rights against self incrimination? A woman who moved a volcano? PHILIPPINES IS A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY WITH ITS EXISTING LAWS AND SUCH. Being democratic gives us the privelege of having and invoking our human rights. BUT IF YOU BELIEVE THAT EVERYONE DESERVES TO HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS BUT EXEMPT SOMEONE FROM INVOKING HER HUMAN RIGHTS JUST BECAUSE SHE’S A FORMER BOLD STAR, THEN STOP BEING HIPOCRITICAL. YOU’RE JUST FOOLING YOURSELF ACTING LIKE YOU ARE ADVOCATING HUMAN RIGHTS WHEN YOU’RE ACTUALLY NOT. YOU ARE ONLY GONNA CALL IT FREE SPEECH IF IT FAVORS YOU AND IF IT SATISFIES YOUR POLITICAL SIDE.

So call us dumb if you want but we will never regret siding the truth and will never feel sorry for saying the truth.

So for Krissy, if using Mocha to promote yourself is the only thing to make yourself relevant, then she’s glad that she can help.

Me love you long time! Xoxo

Your thoughts?


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