NAIA is making billions of pesos a year, but no money to buy more quality CCTV’s

After the ‘Tanim Bala’ extortion scam supposedly operated by a syndicate blew up, many people complained about the lack of CCTV’s in our airport terminal because the NAIA management cannot produce video footage that would have been a big help in identifying the perpetrators of the scam.

However, after a barrage of criticism from the netizens in the social media, CCTV footage were produced by the airport management to shed light on the series of scandals that occurred in NAIA.

But the criticisms did not stop because this time, the CCTV footage produced by the airport management were poor in quality.

Again people were wondering if the NAIA management lacks the resources to buy quality CCTV’s much more buy additional CCTV’s to discourage criminals in NAIA uniforms to prey on passengers.

But do you know that the NAIA or Ninoy Aquino International Airport is not poor as we believed it to be? Find out why!

1. NAIA rakes in millions and millions of pesos as Aviation Security fee

Every international passenger pays 60 pesos while a local traveler pays 15 pesos. This is deducted from the terminal fee that every passenger must pay when he or she uses the airport. Lately, the Terminal Fee is deducted from your airline ticket.

As of December 2014, the Aviation Security Fee has an unspent balance of 1.4 billion pesos. In 2015, the amount due for collection is 600 million pesos plus.

Clearly, there is no reason why the MIAA or Manila International Airport Authority cannot AFFORD to purchase new CCTV’s or additional security features to make the airport safer and comfortable for airline passengers.

NAIA is one of the few government assets that lays the golden eggs

The Manila International Airport Authority posted a gross profit of 8.7 billion pesos in 2013 and net profit of 3.9 billion pesos before tax.

Being a government corporation, it is mandated to remit its profits to the National Treasury. In 2014, the MIAA remits 1.1 billion pesos.

However, the MIAA can use the profits to improve the airport’s facilities. There are two ways to do this: First, the MIAA may retain a portion of the profits or all of it. Second, the government may return the money back to MIAA.

But here’s the good news: In 2016, the government can observe a moratorium from reaping the fruits of MIAA’s labor. Instead, the government may reinvest MIAA’s money into improving its facilities and services to cater to the needs of the passengers.

The National government gets a portion of NAIA’s income

The National government gets 100 pesos from the 550 pesos from the Terminal Fee. In 2016, the National government expects P470 million windfall from the Terminal Fee as well as from the outbound air travelers nationwide. However, the government can opt to retained in part or in whole by the collecting unit or plowed them back entirely.

In addition, the government can impose a 2-year moratorium from enjoying the fruits of the MIAA and spend the profit windfall in improving the facilities to bring comfort and services to the passengers.

The National government earns billions of pesos from Travel tax alone

In 2015, the National government is expected to earn 5.1 billion pesos alone from collecting travel taxes to outbound passengers.

So if you are buying a first class accommodation when you fly abroad as a tourist, you are contributing 2700 pesos. If you go economy, you are contributing 1620 pesos to the 5.1 billion pesos Travel Tax the government earns this year. The family member of an OFW who is visiting the husband, wife or child, pays 300 pesos as travel tax.

In fairness, the government spends 1.3 billion pesos this year to renovate the NAIA Terminal 1 but it is not without its share of controversies due to accusations of corruption. In fact, the toilet facilities in the four airport terminals have been the subject of criticism for the past few months, especially from international websites that reviews the world’s airports.

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