NAIA mole reveals the inner world of ‘tanim-bala’ extortion scam of his colleagues

NAIA mole reveals tanim-bala scam

In report filed by TV Patrol reporter Zee Ann Ambrocio, former NAIA airport security officer revealed that in 2008, during the time of former President Arroyo, extortion was not as bad as today.

According to the ABS-CBN mole, there were 38 cases of passengers caught in possession of ‘bullets’ in their bags and these includes 3 types of people who fits the perfect victim of the corrupt airport employee: first, the passenger who forgot to remove the bullet from his bag before going to the airport like gun enthusiasts; second, a passenger who carries the bullet as an amulet; third, a passenger who happened to be the victim of the ‘tanim-bala’ extortion scam. The majority of the passengers discovered in possession of bullets end up being an extortion victim.

The NAIA mole disclosed that the mentality among airport security personnel is that a bullet in the airport means ‘money’ especially to those who are exposed to the dirty activity at the airport. Each of them has their own style in turning bullets into cold cash.

profiles of Tanim-bala victims


The ‘tirador’ is the one who will do the dirty work. For example, the ‘tirador’ plant the bullet into the bag of the unsuspecting passengers that fits into the profile of their victims like the Japanese, the old people and the young passengers who appear to be moneyed and easily intimidated by such scam. The case of the American missionary Lane Michael White was the classic example of the handiwork of the ‘TIRADOR’ (HITMAN).


The role of the ‘tagabulong’ or the whisperer is to soften the ‘tanim-bala’ victim to pay up otherwise, the passenger will get into trouble with the law against the possession of an ammunition also known as Republic Act 10591. The penalty is so severe for a mere possession of a bullet that the victim of the ‘tanim-bala’ would definitely be forced to cave in to the pressure and pay the extortion money. In 2008, according to the NAIA mole of TV Patrol, the asking price ranges from 5000 pesos to 10,000 pesos in contrast to the asking price lately that ranges from 1,000 pesos up to 50,000 pesos.


According to the NAIA mole of TV Patrol, not all Americans are targeted by the ‘tanim-bala’ extortion scam especially retired US military personnel. Once the American tourist introduced themselves as a former US serviceman, the airport security personnel would not even dare to touch the American passenger with a ten-foot pole due to their connection with the US embassy in Manila.

Lack of assignment rotation among airport security personnel blamed

According to the NAIA mole, the lack of assignment rotations among the airport security personnel can be partly blamed for the culture of extortion in the airport. He said only 10 percent among the OTS personnel who regularly receives an assignment rotation order from the OTS Office.

The familiarity among the airport security personnel emboldens them to carry out their extortion activities said the NAIA mole.

NBI alarmed by the unabated cases of bullet apprehensions in the airport

NBI Director Atty. Virgilio Mendez is alarmed by the continued apprehensions of passengers due to the possession of bullets despite the fact that the news about the ‘tanim-bala’ is plastered all over the major TV Networks and in the social media.


A public official tried to sneak in a bullet into the airport, but please don’t be surprised, he hurdled all the x-ray security checks without being stopped by the best bullet detection system in the world put in place by the GM Jose Angel Honrado.

The public official wondered why passengers with the intention sneak in a bullet is not caught while passengers who have no intention of carrying a bullet when they travel are mostly caught.

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