NAIA police officer getting flak from netizens for sporting a ‘Rolex’ watch

NAIA police officer getting flak from netizens for sporting a ‘Rolex’ watch. Read the complete story below.

The people have every reason to be mad at the government employees who are allegedly behind the ‘tanim-bala’ extortion scam in the nation’s premiere gateway known as the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Despite the denial issued by Secretary Jun Abaya of the Department of Transportation and Communications that there is no evidence that would prove a syndicate exists in the airport, the people won’t still bite it.

This is in contrast to the expose made earlier by the wife of a former airport employee who confirmed that a syndicate do exist at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport that started twenty years ago. Read the full article here.

A reliable source of TV Patrol said that it is easy to confirm the members of the airport syndicate by doing a lifestyle check because most of them live in luxury that is beyond the salaries of an airport security personnel.

Perhaps getting a cue from this revelation, the netizens were quick to pounce on a police officer who was seen wearing an apparently expensive watch that even ordinary executives would not dare to buy due to its price.

Senior  Supt Layug

The watch is allegedly a Rolex Daytona and cost $15,000 thousand dollars plus. You may check the pics below and compare it with the Rolex I found at But the price of the watch varies depending on the model and could go as high as $50K dollars.

Avsegroup National Capital Region head, Senior Supt. Ricardo Layug Jr wearing Rolex watch

Adverse reactions from netizens

Magkano lang ba ang sahod ng pulis?tapos may kaltas pa at yung style ng buhay diyan sa Pilipinas na parang Rich eh wala talagang maiwan sa sahod nila,pambayad ng tax,koryente,tubig,mga allowances ng mga bata at pang groceries pa edi wala na,pero nagtataka ako bakit sobrang mamahalin ang mga gamit ng mga yan?

How much is the salary of a police officer? I doubt it if there are still left after a long list of salary deductions, the expensive cost of living in the Philippines plus the fact that the people live here like one-day millionaires. And there are bills to pay like electricity and water bill and lest we forget, we need to pay taxes. Did I mention, the allowance for kids and budget for groceries? Nothing is left. That is why I wonder if he can still afford to buy such an expensive accessory?

One netizen commented that a lifestyle should be in order:


A lifestyle check should be in order just like other corrupt government officials.

But one netizen doubts if the police officer’s watch is real.

Patek rolex breitling 1200 lng sa viramall haha depende na lng sa mag susuot .pero sa kaso nila peke o orig ang relo nila tang ina nyo magka bone canser sana ang bunsong anak nyo and i mean it.

Patek, Rolex and Breitling cost only 1200 pesos in Viramall. Hahaha. It depends on who wears it. But in their case, whether they are wearing fake or authentic watches, son of a @#$%^&, hope your youngest son gets sick of blah blah.

After a quick reading in the caption that accompanied the pics, the police officer is identified as Avsegroup National Capital Region head, Senior Supt. Ricardo Layug Jr who hogged the limelight recently when he was interviewed on TV regarding the ‘tanim-base’ case of a female OFW bound for Hong Kong.

Layug wearing rolex

We have yet to hear a word from Senior Supt. Ricardo Layug Jr to air his side on the matter. We would welcome it and post his response here.

Until now, I will make reservations on passing judgment on the public official. There are government employees who have other means of income like a business run by his wife that allows him to buy expensive things.

In addition, there are cheap replicas readily available in Divisoria, Greenhills and other places known for selling fakes that really resemble the legit product.

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