Naja Parojinog’s video captures anxious moments of the family during the police raid of slain Mayor Aldong Parojinog’s residence

A short video of the grandchild of slain Mayor Aldong Parojinog capturing the families anxious moments as the police raided their residences in Ozamiz City trended online.

Naja Parojinog went LIVE on Facebook as the rest of the family holed themselves up in one room of one of the houses subjected to police raid, listening to the commotion happening in the house of her Lolo Aldong Parojinog, located a few meters away from their house.

Naja was arrested together with Nova Princess Parojinog, holed themselves up in a bedroom together with a man in yellow shirt who was holding a baby.

In news footage shared on social media, Naja was the young woman handcuffed together with Nova Princess Parojinog.

In the video, Naja can be heard calling ‘Mey’ (short for Mommy) her Mommy, who possibly staying in the other part of the Parojinog residence.

In the video, the barking of dogs can be heard in the background while the family talked in hush voices so as not to attract the attention of the raiding policemen in the room where they are staying.

Overheard is the voice of the man who said that the evidence against the Parojinogs are planted.

Browsing through the comments in the thread, the netizens gave different reactions to the video. Some have been harsh while some condoled with the family.

Reneboy Caliao wrote: “Condolence po family parojinog”

Hillary Anne de Lara tells the Parojinogs not to blame the police that led to the bloody end because they have been warned to quit. “Ayaw ninyo basula ang police inyo ng choice na ma inana mo giwarningan na btaw mo ni duterte before pero gapadayon gihapon mo nya karon pulis inyo pasanganlan kay nagpatay ug enosente na tawo? Wait, naa diay enosente nga druglord? Lol pls lang ayaw mog joke hahahahah! Ding, ang batooo! Hahahaha”

Nana Parojinog ranted on social media accusing an unnamed Congressman as the person behind the troubles of the Parojinog family. Check link here.

Video below.

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