Nery of Inquirer: Today is a dangerous time to be a Filipino; social media respond: “Dangerous for the corrupt, drug lords & opportunists”

Indeed, the Philippine Daily Inquirer has mastered the art of trolling Pres. Duterte by coming up with a post design to anger Duterte supporters.

According to John Nery of PDI in his article published today, December 12, 2017, “Today is the dangerous time to be a Filipino.”

Credits to PDI.

Nery said the country is being led by a President who promotes a culture of killing and impunity. What was once a ‘war on drugs’ is turning into ‘war on Filipinos’.

Predictably, Nery’s statement has divided social media and started heated a debate on social media, especially between the pro and anti-Duterte camps.

Albert Egot Jr. retorts:

“Today is dangerous to be a FILIPINO CORRUPT and DRUG ADDICT/TRADERS!


Ron Chinayog reacts:

Its Dangerous for corrupt, Drug Addicts, Drug Lords, and Terrorist. If you are one of those then for sure its dangerous. Time to draw the line…

Victor Odarve:

Dangerous war for persons who are corrupt, drug lords, opportunists, looters, who made the country poor for several decades.

Ricky Familara says this is not so.

I’m proud to be a Pilipino. My opinion is that John Nery is corrupted by his own intellect. Kahit maging santo pa si President Duterte, the opposition will always be an opposition. The war on the war on illegal drugs..

Rey Francisco writes:

I beg to this agree. That is your opinion, but only a few are like you. We the majority, are feeling safe now a days against criminals,drug addicts, and from other lawless elements. The value of discipline and compliance with the law are being felt also. The change in environment especially in government offices where corruptions is mitigated if not totally eradicated. The negatives that you are publishing is based your own opinion.

Freddy Chio Balanag comment summarizes the sentiment of pro-Duterte supporters.

The opinion of this writer does not reflect the majority of pilipinos, his mindset was only focus on a singular explanation on what the country is undergoing as of this moment. This writer did not take in considerations important factors before making such conclusions. The fact that out of the 54 million registered pilipino voters, 16 million voted for duterte and the rest was divided by the 4 presidential candidates. Still majority has shown support to the effort of government against criminality in this country. These writers are just giving the country a bad name by projecting they represent the majority of pilipinos. Its a shame that many call themselves pilipinos but don’t have the courage to be patriotic to the country they called Philippines.

Fredo Laspinas agrees with John Nery:

Today is a dangerous time for being a decent, law abiding, compassionate Filipino. In other words, a Filipino who is true to his country, his fellow citizens, and the constitution.
– If you think the current admin is good for the country, then go home to your amo in mainland china.

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