Netizen defends DFA Sec. Locsin amid criticism following dramatic confrontation of rallyists, slams rallyists for barking at wrong tree

Facebook netizen Noel Landero Sarifa expressed his support for DFA Sec. Locsin who has been drawing flaks from Duterte admin critics for confronting rallyist in front of the DFA Building.

This rally is wrong in all aspects. I empathize with DFA Sec. Locsin. Sino nga naman di iinit ang ulo?

Sarifa said the protest in front of the DFA was wrong in all aspects because they were protesting against a war between Iran and the US and urging the latter to get out of the Middle East when they were supposed to rally in front of the US embassy to send their message across. What power does the DFA have to stop the war between the US and Iran from happening?

First, the placards urging no to war with Iran and the US out of the Middle East, they are barking on the wrong tree. Why not rally in front of the US Embassy instead. What power does our DFA have to stop America from attacking Iran or Iran attacking US troops?

Besides Sarifa added, US President Trump already declared the US troops to stand down, rendering the rallyists’ protest irrelevant.

Us President Trump already declared to back away from further military conflict with Iran two days ago, hindi ba nanonood ng balita tong mga rallyistang ito? Di sila updated ? Nagsubside na ang tension ano pa pinagsisigawan nila?

In disbelief, Sarifa asked the use of repatriating the OFW’s in the Middle East when the tension has already subsided?

What is the use of urging DFA for repatriation when the tension is already down? Late reaction ang mga rallyista.

Sarifa also belied claim by critics that it has no contingency plan in case war erupts in the Middle East because the truth of the matter is, the PH government has already allocated P1.8B for repatriation.

The Philippines government allocated 1.8 Billion for repatriation in case there is really a need to. So bakit sila sumisigaw na walang program ang gobyerno?

Sarifa remarked that P1.29B is allocated for the DFA while P600M is with OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration).

The allocated amount, P1.29 billion is under the Department of Foreign Affairs while P600 million is with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration.

Sarifa also revealed that the PH government has P13-B contingency fund at its disposal in the event the budget for the repatriation of OWFs fall short.

The government also has a P13-billion contingency fund that it could tap in the event the budget for the evacuation of Filipino migrants would fall short

Of course, the MIAA and NAIA are all set for repatriation, Sarifa added.

MIAA and NAIA areall ready for repatriation.

Sarifa informed the public that the AFP will deploy troops to Iraq to help in the repatriation of Filipinos.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) will deploy troops to Iraq to help in the repatriation of Filipinos.

Meanwhile, the DOLE, according to Sarifa gave an assurance that job opportunities and livelihood assistance and scholarships for the children awaits the repatriated OFWs.

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) assured that job opportunities and livelihood assistance will be given to repatriated OFW. The agency will extend livelihood and financial assistance and their children will also get scholarships.

Sarifa ended the FB post by taking a swipe at rallyists whom he said looks stupid sometimes. Although, he commend people who are brave enough to voice out their sentiments but can’t help question their motivation if one of their advocacies is not right.

Kaya minsan yong mga rallyista nagmumukhang tanga. I would really commend people with the courage to voice out their sentiments but if wala namang tama sa isa man lang sa pinaglalaban mo, what for?

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Source: Noel Landero Sarifa

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