Netizen defends PNP Chief ‘Bato’ from critics who mocked him of being ‘soft’ on corrupt Angeles cops

‘Pang-TV lang!’

This is how Sen. Chiz Escudero described the push-up punishments given to Angeles City police, accused of extortion and theft against South Korean tourists.

Duterte’s critics also joined the bandwagon and crucified  PNP Chief Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa in the social media.

But wait! Did they really checked if the punishments to the 7 Angeles policemen ended here?

You bet! These haters did not bother to check their facts. Here’s why!

If you mocked PNP Chief ‘Bato’ dela Rosa in the wake of the push-up sanction to Angeles policemen, the post from Facebook user Francis Abraham is a good pill to cure your ignorance and hate.

Yesterday, there was quite a surge of NEGATIVE criticism against Bato, Chief PNP, as he berated cops, made them do push ups and causing some of them to cry. The usual NEGA CRITICS were quick to pounce on the news reports, SO SARCASTICALLY and MALICIOUSLY laughing at Bato and the government, ANNOUNCING that Bato and the Duterte Government merely punishes the rogue cops with push ups.

I kept quiet and tried to investigate a bit. Here it is, one of a couple of news articles stating that cops have been relieved and cases have been filed. Another article reported that 44 cops have been relieved. There you have it. So I ask you again, do you want the government to succeed or fail? If you do want them to succeed, then try giving them the benefit of the doubt and doing a bit of research. Quite frankly many of you sounded like a bunch of PUNY LITTLE DEMONIC IMPS laughing at our government and Bato, relishing at the fact that about 40 percent of the police are corrupt.

Care to check link here:

Hey guys, yes you who are quick to criticize, the problem of corruption in the police force and government did not appear and develop during the time that Duterte assumed office. It was there a long time ago, just like the drug problem. WE ALL TURNED A BLIND EYE TO IT BECAUSE OF THE ENORMITY OF OUR PROBLEMS. WE, OUR LEADERS DID NOTHING. NADA!

Now, the people that we elected in government are doing something about it. So PLEASE, instead of being and acting like SPOILED LITTLE BRATS, learn to do constructive criticisms, and pray that our government succeeds in their efforts. That is the DECENT and CHRISTIAN thing to do.

Push ups? Military and police personnel are ordered to do push ups as an act of humiliation, NOT a punishment. Do not be IGNORANT or FEIGN IGNORANCE.

The higher the rank you are, the more humiliating it feels when your superior asks you to do push ups.

To all you NEGAS out there. Do ten.

Your thoughts? Let us see in the comment section, ok?

Source: Francis Abraham


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