Netizen discovers LIVE worms in the lumpia sauce, the waiter’s response? Unbelievable

No doubt, lumpia shanghai is the usual staple in fiestas, birthday parties and picnics because it is inexpensive, easy to prepare and taste yummylicious!

My kind of lumpia shanghai goes well with a sweet and spicy sauce. How about you? How do you like your sauce to go with lumpia shanghai?

Talking about lumpia shanghai, I would like to share the story of a netizen who had a grossly disgusting experience while dropping by a popular establishment frequented by tourists in Barili, Cebu.

According to the netizen, he went for a road trip recently to Barili, Cebu some 61 kilometers away from Cebu City to unwind and get to enjoy one of the scenic stretches in the island of Cebu.

It was already lunchtime when he reached Barili Cebu so he decided to drop by in Barili Milk Station also known as Molave Milk Station.

live worms in the lumpia sauce

Credits: Molave Milk Station

This is a popular place among tourists because it offers refreshments like fresh carabao and cow milk. Yoghurt, cheese and ice cream are also offered here. In addition, hungry travelers can try their barbecue, siopao, siomai and ngohiong or Cebu lumpia.

Tired and starving, the traveler ordered some servings of Cebu lumpia or ‘ngohiong’ to satiate his hunger since he is a huge fan. Lumpia is not complete without the dip or sauce, correct?

When he received his order of Cebu lumpia or ngohiong together with the sauce from the server, he did not waste any seconds.

He quickly grabbed a piece of lumpia and just when he was about to dip it into the sauce, he noticed that the sauce in the serving bowl is filled with LIVE worms. Grossly disgusting, right?

Check the video below:

Gross Disgusting Sause in Milk Station Barili

Today i went for a quick ride to Barili, and stopped by to the Milk Station for lunch. And i ordered "ngoyong" and this is what they served me, a sauce with full of worms… This was so **** gross, so i went to the server and asked what happen to the sauce and said "sorry sir wala mi ka bantay na a o-od".Disgusting… If i where you guys i wouldn't eat there anymore…Credits: Jimmy J.

Posted by Cebu Flash Report on Thursday, October 15, 2015

Exasperated, he quickly approached the server and complained about the worms. If you were in his shoes, how would you react when the waiter would only say this to your face? “Sorry sir,wala mi ka bantay naa o-od.” In English, “Sorry sir, we did not notice the LIVE worms in the lumpia sauce!” Unbelievable!

What happened next was unclear after the netizen asked an explanation from the waiter!

How about you? Do you have a similar experience with the netizen?

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