Netizen expresses dismay on our justice system; no assurance nabbed pickpockets stay in jail

A netizen expressed her disappointment on Facebook regarding the rotten justice system in the country after her sister was victimized by pickpockets in SM Bacoor on October 17, 2015!


Her concern is very valid though, since the suspects can post bail if they have the money and soon as they receive their release papers, they can go back to their old ways and the cycle is repeated.

The netizen encouraged her friends and fellow netizens to share the post so that the matter will reach the desk of the top government officials in Bacoor and do something about this.

In addition, she encouraged the Cavitenos to remember the faces of the two pickpockets in case they cross paths and the two suspects return to their old ways.

The two suspects were apprehended after the victim reported the incident to the mall security and after reviewing the CCTV, their suspicion was validated; her sister’s wallet was recovered from the two suspects.

I perfectly understand where the netizen is coming from. We’ve heard so many stories about suspects walking out of jail after posting bail or let go by the police 48 hours later when there is no formal complaint filed by the victim. This is also true if the complainant does not push through with the case.

The lesson learned from here is to cooperate with the police and follow through with the case, otherwise, the case will be dismissed, partly due to the half-baked efforts on the part of the victims.

You may check the screenshot of the original post the netizen.

SM Bacoor

Please take the time to share this on your wall and serves as a warning to the general public. Even if you are not from Cavite, who knows one of your friends might find this helpful and could save them the trouble of falling victim to these scumbags.

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