Netizen laments video containing rape joke was maliciously edited to discredit Duterte

A post lamenting the Amoranto video containing infamous rape joke was maliciously edited to discredit Mayor Duterte has been doing the rounds online.

Netizen defends Duterte on rape joke 1

Credits to Harry Morris A. Rodriguez

In a Facebook post shared more than 100 times, a netizen identified as Harry Morris A. Rodriguez published his personal take of the infamous “rape joke” that has put Mayor Duterte on the defensive since the video went viral.

In the post, Mr. Harry Morris A. Rodriguez expressed that he arrived at the realization that the first vid was maliciously edited to remove the context of the 1989 narrative and discredit Duterte.

There was no crass/bad joke. In fact, THERE WAS NO JOKE AT ALL. He was recounting a narrative—repeating words that he might have said around three decades ago.

So I will still support Duterte’s campaign in the meager way that I can because, once again, THERE WAS NO JOKE TO SPEAK OF.

Instead, we’ve been shown that we have a presidential candidate who’s zealous in fighting criminality.

His commander-in-chief, President Cory Aquino, instructed him to go to the field and he delivered. In the first encounter, he had himself voluntarily hostaged. And in the second encounter he, along with government force(s), engaged the criminals and killed them.

A Congressional hearing was done afterwards to evaluate the operation and he came out legally ‘clean’. He acted according to the boundaries of the Constitution. THIS IS THE BIG PICTURE.

So what’s the issue?

It is this: AROUND THREE DECADES AGO, HE MADE A RAGE-FUELED COMMENT TO INTIMIDATE THE CRIMINALS. Yes, I also believe that the Mayor needs to bridle his tongue moving forward.

But for this PAST EVENT, I choose to see the BIG PICTURE: in 1989, this vulgar old man risked his own life TWICE to subdue criminals and save lives.


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