Netizen Noel Sarifa says President Duterte requiring US citizens entering PH to get visa is clearly another checkmate for PRRD? Read why!

Facebook netizen Noel Landero Sarifa welcomed President Duterte’s declaration to prompt US citizens visiting the Philippines to secure PH visa, calling it another clear checkmate for President Duterte.

Why? Sarifa reasoned that this will not only trigger Filipinos but well-minded Americans to condemn the act of US Senators who clearly tried to influence our justice system.

What the US is doing, Sarifa declared, is a clear indication Uncle Sam is bullying Juan dela Cruz. Unfortunately for Uncle Sam, Juan dela Cruz got a feisty leader who does not back down from a bully.

Sarifa said President Duterte was sending the message that he will never back down from a bully when he issued the statement threatening to respond in kind if and when Uncle Sam keeps one’s word of banning PH government officials, bloggers and justices responsible for de Lima’s “wrongful” incarceration.

Sarifa remarked that many among us wonder why President Duterte cursed a US President, turned down international aid and even sent home the US Army in the PH and worse questioned the President’s wisdom.

Sarifa said it is clear to him now because President Duterte knows something ordinary Filipinos don’t know.  For example, US dictating all our actions, meddling with our internal affairs and all these is slowly coming to light why President Duterte is showing his fangs to the US.

Sarifa said President Duterte foresees this before anyone else, when others thought we are being sold to China Russia and questioned the sudden shift.

Sarifa remarked President Duterte knows that the enemy is within, controlled by the oligarch and the US.

Sarifa also said something like the President knows time will come the US will oppress us and prove that we are nothing without them. Of course Sarifa assured President Duterte will not allow this as soon as he was elected as President but before exposing the evils in the county, Sarifa said the President secured an ally (China, Russia, ASEAn countries) and cemented his ground as the President for the people and his country because he was mindful of what happened to former President Marcos.

With that taken care of, President Duterte knows the US cannot touch us, provoke yes but they will never move an inch because it would mean, World War.

Sarifa admitted he is amused how this great chess game played by President Duterte unfolds before our eyes, how President Duterte pondered his next move like a master and emerge victorious game after game.

Sarifa said this is proof how intelligent President Duterte is and yet we sometimes question his judgment or his actions. Why? Because we don’t have the foresight or the faculties to comprehend what is being played in the background unlike the President.

Sarifa warned Filipinos to brace for an all-out war versus the Oligarch, US, CPP-NPA, Drug Lords etc.. When yellows wanted us to have war with China it is not China who is our enemy, it’s the Liberals, the Oligarch, the Drug Lords, Rice Cartels, the leftist, the media, the church and the US.

Sarifa said the so-called wolves in sheep’s clothing, the enemy is trying to divert us, pointing fingers to Duterte and to our true allies. Those who are pointing their fingers, are the true enemy of the state.

Sarifa ended the FB post saying that Duterte opened ours eyes. And for those who does not understand and still blinded, Sarifa urged them to open their eyes, their senses, their hearts to see that our President is our Knight, fighting for us against the evils among us.

Sarifa said Filipinos need to choose their side, and make sure it is for our country and the future of our countrymen. The Battle has begun, and no Filipino should ever be left behind, except if you choose to fight with the antagonist.

Finally Sarifa declared the Philippines will rise, and it is their downfall.

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Source: Noel Sarifa

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