Netizen on #OustDuterte movement – They only have one more EDSA anniversary to oust Pres. Duterte…and tomorrow, si Duterte pa din ang Presidente

In light of the MMDA aerial photo showing a sparse crowd of anti-Duterte rallyists converging at the Monument in White Plains today, February 22, 2020, FB blogger Noel Sarifa can’t help but offered his theory to explain the phenomenon.

In a Facebook post published today, Sarifa said that the rallyists have run out issues to anchor their attack against Duterte administration.

Sarifa went on to support his statement in the next few minutes.

Sarifa began by citing the issue of press freedom which he said cannot be use against the Duterte admin, giving credit to Sec. Panelo for doing a good job, particularly when he guested at ANC’s Headstart hosted by Ms. Karen Davila. “Nang dahil kay Sec. Panelo hindi nagamit ang Freedom of the Press.”

Sarifa said the nCOV issue cannot also be raised against the Duterte admin, largely in part to Sec. Duque for his handling of the issue. “Nang Dahil kay Sec. Duque hindi nila nagamit ang NCov na issue.”

Sarifa continued that the Duterte admin has so far been immuned from corruption, transportation,repatriation, inflation, education, pastillas scheme and VFA issues because his Cabinet secretaries have done a good job in addressing the issues by producing the desired results.

“- Nang dahil kay Sec. Villar hindi nila nagamit ang corruption issues sa dami ng nagawa ng Build Build Build.
– Nang dahil kay Sec Tugade hindi nila nagamit ang transportation issues
– Nang dahil kay Sec Locsin hindi nila nagamit and repatriation issue
– Nang dahil kay Sec Dominguez hindi nila nagamit ang inflation issue.
– Nang Dahil kay Sec Briones hindi nila nagamit ang issue sa edukasyon
– Dahil sa pagtanggal ni Duterte mg immigration officials hindi nila nagamit ang pastillas scheme.
– Nang dahil sa pagtanggal ng VFA hindi nila maisigaw ang tuta ng kano.”

Sarifa said with confidence in his tone, that all the issues the protesters are planning to put in their placards have all been addressed and will continue to get the full attention of the Duterte administration, “Lahat ng planong ilalagay nila sa placard para sa protesta natugunan na at tinutugunan.”

On the allegation President Duterte is China’s puppet, Sarifa said that after the projects of the Duterte administration are finished, these protesters will thank China. “Tuta ng China? After matapos lahat ng project ni PRRD, pasasalamatan nila ang China.”

Sarifa asked if the protesters still have complaints, “May irereklamo ka pa ba?”

Sarifa wrapped up the FB post by telling the protesters to quit their OustDuterte plan because if the thinning crowd of the People Power anniversary is any indication, they will not succeed. “They only have one more EDSA anniversary to oust Pres. Duterte and taon taon, paunti sila ng paunti and tomorrow after ng Oust Duterte nila na Bunyog, si Pres. Duterte pa din ang Presidente.”

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Source: Noel Sarifa

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