Netizen post 8 hilarious fake news updates leaving netizens in stitches

Less than three days before an anticipated power grab attempt by the Liberal Party bigwigs and its supporters, one can feel the the tension in the air.

So to break some of the tension, let me share a hilarious post from a netizen hiding behind the handle Foxtrot Papa. So here we go…

Updates: #FakeNews

1. Aside from People power, now PEOPLE POORER ( #NasaanAngPeraLeaks, #AngMuraMoPilipino), Edsa cor Taft Avenue will also be changed to EDSTAFA ( KALYE ONSE).
2. Jollibee will no longer sell CHICKENJOY to activists and destabilizers to protect their brand and company from a possible accusations of being involved with these chickensh**s.
3. Trillanes will resign as a Senator to pursue his dream of becoming a BISHOP, while Matobato and Lascanas are now attending a Theological Seminar at The Church of Merciless.
4. Kamikazee Band will have a reunion this June and would like to invite De Lima as their guest performer for the song Martyr Nyebera (sarap MARTYRYUHIN ANG ULO)
5. Bam and Ressa are still trying to take back the internet….
From PLDT, GLOBE and SKY BROADBAND? (Gusto yata nila sila ang provider)
6. Leni wants to convert MRT and LRT to a “BOLET” TRAIN, i mean, bullet train.
7. LIBERAL PARTY doesn’t want another dictator to lead this country but Loida wants 6 years for PNOY, 6 years again for PNOY under Mar and another 6 years for PNOY under Leni (ANG SARAP NIYONG ILIBING 6 FEET UNDER)
8. Wala sa DUGO ko ang ka-pogian, nasa MUKHA ko yan! ( #FakeNaFake)

As of this writing, the post has failed to reach a wider audience considering that author has only 126 followers. But don’t let low numbers of shares and likes fool you, some of the familiar names supporting Duterte likes this post.

Credits to Foxtrot Papa


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