Netizen responds to Nikki Valdez saying she regretted voting for President Duterte for failing to keep election promises

An obviously pissed DDS named Noel Landero Sarifa took to Facebook to respond to a statement allegedly made by Kapamilya talent Nikki Valdez, saying she regretted voting for President Duterte whom she thought Duterte will give voice to the small people and sympathize with their flight.

And now 4 years later while closely following President Duterte to see if he has fulfilled his promises for the country, she can’t help but ask, ‘What happened?’

Sarifa remarked that first and foremost, the ordinary people have now a voice, the government have the 8888 hotline where they could air their grievance against government officials, emergency hotline like 911, the Office of the President that people can write to or call about their problems, the Malasakit Center ready to lend medical assistance. And yes, Sarifa thanked Valdez for her vote and ordinary people have now a voice.

On Ms. Valdez’s accusing President Duterte that his loyalty belongs to China? Sarifa asked why would Valdez say that? Did President Duterte built roads and bridges in China? Did he implement salary raises of soldiers, police, teachers and nurses in China? Did he give Chinese students free tuition and wifi? Is being friend with China the basis of loyalty? Why during PNoy’s admin when we lost an island? And why during Duterte’s admin when the country signed a bilateral agreement with China to stop further encroaching of China in the WPS?

On Ms. Valdez complaining about, once again, prioritizing the anti-terror bill, which is now a law? Sarifa returned the question to Ms. Valdez with more questions. We waited for decades to give the public protection against terrorism? For how long you want the public to wait? Until when you allow someone get killed by the terrorists?

On Ms. Valdez accusing the Duterte admin of prioritizing ABS-CBN’s shut down? Sarifa said this is incorrect because ABS-CBN’s franchise expired without any external influence, and as mandated, if there is no franchise, it cannot operate. Sarifa asked to clarify if he heard it right from Valdez that she said ABS-CBN was shut down? Sarifa responded that ABS-CBN is still open, the government merely took back the frequency it lent to ABS-CBN because their franchise has expired. During the Congress hearing, it was found out that ABS-CBN is no longer qualified to get a new franchise and it’s not President’s fault.

On President Duterte prioritizing ABS-CBN shutdown and thousands lost their jobs while POGOS continue to operate? Sarifa replied that POGOs started during former President GMA’s administration and asked Nikki Valdez if it’s alright if 37,000 Filipino employees lose their jobs? He also asked why Ms. Valdez would lash at POGOs when it has already been legalized because it was operating illegally in the past. Now that the public is enjoying the benefits it brings to the table, she wants it closed? What kind of thinking is that? Sarifa asked.

On Ms. Valdez question if these are indeed the plan? Sarifa conceded that’s the plan of the President for the Philippines, the public have a say, there is understanding with other countries not promoting wars, implement the law, make steps to fix the processes of the illegal operations of businesses in country so that the public will benefit from it, not the few. Sarifa hoped that Ms. Valdez can see that, be grateful that she voted for Duterte but no, she would rather want ABS-CBN to operate illegally for her benefit instead of respecting the President and the Constitution.

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Source: Noel Landero Sarifa

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