Netizen says ABS-CBN will not succeed with their People Initiative gambit to get a new franchise. Read why!

‘Why ABS-CBN will not succeed with their People’s Initiative (PI) gambit?’

This is the question that would raise the eyebrows of ABS-CBN supporters, knowing that the network has a huge following in the country and getting the signatures required is easy for them.

But a netizen using the FB handle Cocky Rocky thinks he has the answers why the so-called People’s Initiative of ABS-CBN is doomed.

Cocky Rocky enumerated 6 reasons why ABS-CBN will once again fail to secure a new franchise and resume broadcasting on free-to-air TV.

Sorry to break your heart wokes but according to Cocky Rocky, you need to be a registered voter to participate a People’s Initiative. If you have not registered before the pandemic started, doing it now is risky and if you just turned 18 and itching go out and register to support ABS-CBN, IATF is watching you. [Comelec]

1) Only REGISTERED VOTERS are allowed to participate in this. Wokes and lazy middle class citizens who think that Twitter noise without actually going out of their bubbles and safe spaces to register to vote are not qualified.

Getting a minimum of a certain percentage of the total registered voters to affix their signature these days is a tall order.

2) A PI needs a minimum of 10% of the total registered voters to sign the petition.

And this?

3) A PI needs the 10% of the total registered voters to come from 3% of each legislative district. 😁 Good luck on this one.

Cocky Rocky said a PI cost this much and spending billions of taxpayers money for the benefit of a private company? He can’t help but utter a cuss word.

4) The cost of a PI is more than Php 3 billion. So, WE, taxpayers are expected to pay for ABS-CBN’s franchise application. PI!

As they say, timing is everything. Cocky Rocky says the 2022 election will overlap with the PI petition.

5) The timing is wrong. The PI petition will overlap with the 2022 elections. The COMELEC is also in-charge of verifying the signatures of a PI. 😆

Once again, timing is everything. The country is under community quarantine, Cocky rocky wondered who will gather and verify the sigs?

6) Yes. The timing is really wrong. The country is under community quarantine. Who will gather and verify these PI signatures? Is this network more important than the people tasked to collect and verify?

‘We have all wasted enough time and government resources by fast tracking a Congressional hearing on ABS-CBN’s franchise during a pandemic,’ Cocky Rocky lamented.

Cocky Rocky said enough treating this network as a priority because they are not and they are closed.

Enough! It’s time to stop treating this network as a priority. It is not. It’s closed.


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Source: Cocky Rocky

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