Netizen shares convo of Taiwanese and Filipino photographers while covering APEC Summit and many more!

A screengrab photo showing the conversation between a Taiwanese photographer and his Filipino counterpart has been making the rounds online.

According to the short convo, the Taiwanese photographer struck a conversation with his Filipino counterpart while covering the APEC Summit in Vietnam by asking if he is a Filipino.

The Filipino photographer replied with the affirmative answer.

However, the conversation did stop there as the Taiwanese complimented Pres. Duterte.

Taiwanese photographer: Your President is very tough man, tough man!

In response, the Filipino photographer thanked his Taiwanese counterpart, ending the conversation.

Our kababayan photographer says that he felt good and proud that his foreign peers in the media box wanted to struck a conversation with him because President Duterte was a huge hit.

If you think you are done reading about testimonies of Duterte’s popularity, here are some of conversations of our OFW’s with foreigners.

Meanwhile in Kuwait…

Joy L. Landero Convo from my Kuwaiti Customer…

Customer: Hi Kabayan Duterte
Me: ohhhh..hiiii….helloooo😊
Customer: I like your President…He is Old Man but Strong…He is Brave and No Drama King…like president before…too much drama king,,,u know😄😄

In Canada…

Meldz Razonable Relate much, nka sabay ko sa walking in one of the park in canada, “oh you’re president is duterte, very good” , at isang katabi ko sa plane fr. Canada, “uy duterte”, proud fr. Davao here!

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