Netizen shows Kapamilya Barbie Imperial what is really “scary” following tweet Sara Duterte becoming next President is “scary”


This is reaction of PBB alumna Barbie Imperial to the tweet of Francis Baraan IV wherein the former posted the old video of Sara Duterte punching a court sheriff for insisting on demolishing houses inside a contested property in Barangay Soliman in Davao’s Agdao District.

In the tweet, Baraan said that Sara Duterte punching a court sheriff for doing one’s jobs is not what Filipinos are because are a nation of laws. Civil society never acts like barbarian and brutes.

“Mayor pa lang si Sara Duterte dito,” Baraan added.

Baraan urged his Twitter followers to imagine what Sara is capable of when she becomes the next President.

Baraan punctuated his tweet with the line, “Never again.”

Moving forward, a netizen named Jefry Tupas posted a reaction post on Facebook, taking a page from the “scary” remarks of Barbie Imperial, to the amusement of Facebook netizens.

Tupas began by agreeing with the PBB alumna that strong woman, even other women, especially if she goes by the name of Barbie who abuses her PA (Personal Assistant) by using the PA as an all-around househelp blah, blah.

“True, a strong woman scares many — even other women, lalo na kung ang pangalan mo ay Barbie at inabuso mo daw ang yovmey mo na PA na ginawa mong all around kasambahay na hindi pa nakapag-kape sa umaga, ay maglilinis na ng tae ng aso, maghuhugawas ng maruruming plato, naglilinis na ng banyo.”

Scary if according to the confession of her PA to Tulfo that his salary is only this much despite working 24/7?

“Scary? Ang scary ay kung ang pasahod mo daw sa PA mo na shiboling na nagtatrabaho ng 24 hours a day ay P7,000 lang? Yan ang sabi ng shiboling sa Tulfo.”

Tupas went on to spill some more of Barbie Imperial’s “scary” attitude.

“Binigyan mo pa daw sya ng damit. Hindi naman magkasya sa kanya kasi maliit ka at ang shiboling mo ng PA ay malaki.

“Tinawag mo pa daw siyang “patay gutom!”

“And wait — naglaba ng sandamakmak na sapatos ang shiboling. Nagkasugat-sugat ang kanyang fingers!!!

Tupas ended the brief FB post by describing Barbie Imperial in one word.


True, a strong woman scares many — even other women, lalo na kung ang pangalan mo ay Barbie at inabuso mo daw ang yovmey…

Posted by Jefry Tupas on Saturday, January 16, 2021


Source: Jefry Tupas

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