Netizen slams Ms. Universe-PH Rabiya Mateo saying “resiliency” alone won’t do good to Filipinos?

Staunch DDS blogger Tio Moreno has expressed interest in the education of Ms. Universe-Philippines Rabiya Mateo for her misguided thinking on politics.

But before Moreno proceeded with his mission, he made it clear that he does not wish Mateo to suffer the same as Marielle De Leon in Miss International because of her misguided thinking on politics.

“I don’t want the fate of Rabiya Mateo to be like Marielle De Leon in Miss International 2017 because of her misguided thinking on politics.”

Moreno announced immediately his motivation of writing the FB post.

“So let me educate her.”

Moreno gave netizens the perspective why she earned his undivided attention for a brief period of time.

“Rabiya Mateo is looking for the “tangible solutions” because “resiliency is an overused word.”

Moreno explained the three tiers in governance and their respective roles to make the engine of government runs smoothly, ideally.

“To my Miss Universe-Philippines 2020, there 3 are levels of governance: EXECUTIVE, SENIOR/MIDDLE, and LOWER MANAGEMENT.”

“Executive management is where the President is. This is where the strategies and task delegations take place.

“Senior/Middle management is where the different agencies butt in. On this level, they have to implement the strategies and tasks given to them.

“Lower management is where the LGUs are present. This is also where the operations as first responders of the disaster happen.

Next, Moreno went on to tackle the three processes in order to make the solutions tangible in light of the government management levels mentioned above.

“Now to make the solutions tangible given the levels of government management above, let me divide the processes into 3: Pre, During, Post disaster.

Moreno proceeded to give Rabiya Mateo a walk through how the different levels of government by giving a concrete example, say before, during and after Typhoon Rolly.

Pre-disaster process

“Prior to the onslaught of typhoon Rolly, NDRRMC was doing Pre-Disaster Risk Assessment and was already on red alert status. They also sent alerts and messages to inform people about the typhoon.

Post-disaster process

“This is also the reason why our LGUs were able to evacuate millions of people and our DSWDs had distributed the standby fund amounting 879M to the LGUs.

During disaster process

Apart from that, Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) nationwide were in 24/7 look out to ensure safety and are ready for search and retrieval operations.

At this juncture, Moreno explained how the the different government management levels act during the entire process.

“While #RollyPH was on going, each management level was closely monitoring to it. They never failed to provide what the people demand.
And after that, search & rescue, road clearing, and relief goods were distributed timely. NDRRMC continues to extend relief packages to the affected communities with the total value of assistance now at $2 million.

“DSWD provided over 58,000 family food packs, 1,000 hygiene kits, 2,000 kitchen kits, and 100,000 face masks to the Bicol Region.

“The Department of Budget and Management also assured the replenishment of DSWD’s quick response funds for the continuous provision of assistance to the affected. Beneficiaries of the conditional cash transfer program will also receive full grants for several months and will be excused from complying with the conditionalities for the time being.

“The agriculture department disclosed that $12.2 million will be provided to 32,000 affected farmers in the Bicol Region whose crops were damaged.

Moreno ended the FB post by leaving Mateo a message that he is waiting for her response.

If you haven’t seen these, then that maybe because you are busy with your homecoming in Iloilo City.


Source: Tio Moreno

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