Netizen tells Robredo she was wrong in saying Sereno’s ouster case government’s weapon of intimidation to kill dissent?

The ouster case against CJ Lourdes Sereno has divided the public opinion, especially on social media.

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While many applauded the ouster move, some people does not see the move very kindly.

One of the most prominent Duterte critic who believes the government is bullying CJ Sereno issue is none other than VP Leni Robredo.

In case you are not aware, Robredo told reporters that the ouster move against CJ Lourdes Sereno was a government’s weapon to silence dissent.

Netizen Willy Ramasola took to Facebook to tell VP Leni Robredo that she was standing on the wrong side of history in the Sereno case.

“The ‘duly elected’ opposition Vice President Leni Robredo claims the ouster case is the current administration’s weapon of intimidation to kill dissent.”

Ramasola enumerated several reasons to defend his point.

“I beg to disagree. There are still Supreme Court justices like Leonen and Carpio who have always been vocal against the President’s policies and programs. Sereno is only one “dissenter” that didn’t matter that much.

However, aside from her eligibility issues, many Supreme Court employees, staff and even her fellow magistrates have been complaining about her numerous abuses.

She allegedly wrote decisions and made revisions on Supreme Court rulings without consulting with her fellow justices but still made it appear to be en banc decisions.

Her anomalous purchase of a Php5Million Land Cruiser which violated procurement laws.

Her luxurious five star air travels and hotel accommodations during conventions and meetings.

Her hiring of an IT consultant, Helen Macasaet, who claimed she decided to accept the job “in order to give something back to the government and to the country”. But this IT consultant got Php12Million+ in salaries.”

Ramasola said he could go on and on but refuses to elaborate further.

“The list is long. I don’t want to itemise them anymore.”

Ramasola doubts Sereno is fighting the ouster move to defend the independence of the judiciary but her actions says otherwise.

“But let’s get real and just be honest with ourselves. Do we really believe Sereno when she says she’s going to fight her ouster in order to defend the independence of the judiciary? If she herself really believes it is independent then why does she keep on petitioning a number of justices to inhibit from her Quo Warranto case? She herself doesn’t believe in the Supreme Court that she badly wants to return to.”

Ramasola appealed to the readers to trust the wisdom of the Supreme Court justices relative to the Sereno case.

“Let us all trust that the Supreme Court will decide and rule with wisdom based on their best interpretation of our country’s laws.

You can pray all you want, Sereno. We are not questioning your religiosity (and we hope it’s really authentic). But no amount of prayers and use of Bible verses will be of help at this time.

In a few days we would know if you belong there in the first place. And whatever will be the final decision, let’s all accept it and move forward.

God bless our country.”

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