Netizen twits Senator Trillanes in open letter; joins call asking the senator to file a complaint versus Duterte

An open letter daring Senator Trillanes to file a formal complaint against Mayor Duterte has been making the rounds online.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes

In a Facebook post shared more than 500 times and counting as of Friday evening, Desi Arana published the open letter 11 hours ago addressed to Senator Antonio Trillanes.

Netizen Desi Arana set the tone of the open letter with a sarcastic remark on the senator’s skills in tracking money because of his vast network and yet, he did not offer his skills to help Senators Guingona and Osmena in the $800M laundering case.

Kaya mo pala magtrace ng pera because of your network, bakit di mo tinulungan si Guingona at OsmeƱa sa $800M laundering case?

The netizen wrote that the money laundering case has put the country in a bad light and yet, the good senator did not even bother to lift a finger!

Mr. Arana partially blamed Senator Trillanes for the failure in recovering the money of Bangladesh from the hackers by not offering his talent of tracking down money.

Imagine, kung tumulong ka, solved na agad ang case. Bangladesh would have gotten their money back.

You would have been the hero.

Meanwhile, Mr. Arana remarked bank depositors can breathe easy doing business with RCBC over BPI because the senators could not get the information they want from RCBC in the name of the bank secrecy law, and yet the good senator had an easier time getting sensitive information from BPI.

Also, does this mean that mas okay madeposit sa RCBC kaysa BPI? Kasi di nga umubra line of questioning ng 2 senators because of the bank secrecy law, and yet si bpi, nagbigay lang sa yo agad.

Not done yet, Mr. Arana dared Senator Trillanes to accept the challenge made by Mayor Duterte to put his complaint in writing because like everyone else, he is also interested to know the truth about Mayor Duterte’s alleged hidden wealth.

Now, having said that, if you really have a case against Duterte, please file an affidavit. Para malaman ng mga tao. Let’s do it legally, because it’s the right thing to do. The decent way to do it. No presscon. No fanfare. Just file a case. An affidavit.

Because, I, for one, would like to know the truth.

If Duterte, or anyone for that matter, broke the law, then they should pay for it.

But before ending the open letter, Mr. Arana remarked sarcastically that he admires the senator’s guts for offering to resign in the event it is proven the senator is lying.

I admire your guts though. Daring to bow out of the VP race and resign as a senator.

Not sure if you know, but you’re dead last in the surveys. Withdrawing your candidacy won’t have any effect. It only means that the other candidates will be getting the 2%.

Malaking kawalan ba sa aming mga Filipinos pag nawala ka as a senator? Kasi, if I remember correctly, wala ka namang naipasa na legislation. Which is supposed to be the role of a senator.

Salamat po.

What can you say about the open letter?


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