Netizen uses chess in explaining how Duterte will checkmate Trillanes et al amidst 211M scandal

A post using the chess analogy to explain how Mayor Duterte will checkmate Trillanes et al has been doing the rounds online.

netizen present theory on how Duterte defends himself from Trillanes accusations

Credits to Jem Birkner for the photo

In a Facebook post shared more than 1200 times and counting as of Saturday morning, netizen Jem Birkner published her theory using chess analogy to predict Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s next possible moves. That depends though on his opponents next moves.

The theory of the netizen consists of three possible scenarios that Mayor Duterte must already have the answer, extricating him out of the noose that Trillanes put around Duterte’s neck.

In the end, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has put himself in a position that gives him all the counter-attacking moves that will catch his opponents by surprise.

Let us read together the FULL text of the netizens theory.

This is just my theory about this bank case of Duterte. It’s been fun breaking down this stupid case, but let’s see, who knows I may be wrong…Anyone want to play chess?

The genius, Duterte, has got everyone on the board the way he planned it. He is waiting for everyone to file a proper court case. When everyone is in the court, they all have no choice but to show cards, (legally they can dodge, but if the public demands it, they have nothing else to do but show cards) since Duterte has nothing to hide, as he said, as a lawyer, he can prove either:

1. The account was fabricated. Why will he have an illegal account under his real name? Beyond stupid if one is trying to hide money. I don’t think anyone who wants to hide wealth will put his account under his real name, as a tactician I don’t think he thinks that way. Trillanes has no right to pry with any private account unless granted permission by the account holder. Makes me question my account with BPI now.
Wrong move Trillanes. You lost that turn. Bad move.

2. Yes, It’s probably his account. Now, it’s Mar’s move, good attack on signing your waiver. That was a good knight move. But! 211 million is not a lot of money esp during campaign period. LP party alone spent billions this campaign. How’s that then sir? care to explain?

I have a BPI account. I’d assume if some random person wants to bless me with money he / she can just deposit away and I wouldn’t even know how much came in that day unless I check my bank daily.

Everyone of Duterte’s “Emilio Aguinaldos” have wanted to support him from the very beginning but he said he wouldn’t accept cash if it’s in exchange for something else. So we printed shirts, did our own posters etc. VOLUNTARILY.

So, what is 211 million pesos with everyone donating money for his campaign locally and abroad. Euros and dollars converted into pesos combined. 211 Million? That’s not much.

Sorry that knight has been eaten by the bishop.

3. Since anyone can deposit money as long as they have the details. Maybe Trillianes found a way to put in some cash. Maybe, the pawn has eaten the knight.


Point is… When all the proper cases are filed, Binay, Poe and Everyone else has to be forced to show all their accounts. Queen has moved!
And Duterte wins again.

Anything can still change as the elections come to an end. The plot will thicken.

The thing these politicians oversee, his (Duterte’s) biggest pawn and move will be the Filipino masses toppling the whole board over. Don’t wait for the masses to be in rage. The game will end and the whole country will be in chaos if he’s cheated. God forbid.

Majority of the Davaoenos are first hand witness’ that the guy is not corrupt. Did anyone see his house?

Davao wouldn’t have top of the line functioning systems in the city if he was indeed proven “corrupt”. And, he would have had a more lavish lifestyle 23 years ago while in office if he was proven “corrupt”.

So you have the whole city of Davao as proof against – the baseless claim of Trillanes of 211million.

Compare P211 million to Binay’s unaccounted billions and various estates. Ay… Where’s the focus on that? ALL THE PROOF EXISTS!
File a proper affidavit boys. And let the games begin.

Is that all you got Trillanes? How about his clothing issues? Do you want to meddle with that too? 11 more days. Clock is ticking.

Ps. Why all these allegations coming out just now?

Duterte just laughing at them. Galing ng strategy. Check mate na!

And, of course, the foreigners are trying to meddle with the big boys. Imagine, all those years of having cheap labor, cheap materials, cheap workers abroad, raping our resources, easy business clearances and access because of our weak government. Once we have a strong strict economy they won’t have it so easy anymore. Our people will be empowered.

So let’s strengthen this nation again. who’s in?

What can you say about her theory?



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