Netizen warns Kim Chiu’s showbiz career practically over if “ambush” incident proven to be a hoax or an elaborate set-up to ‘wag the dog’

A netizen behind the Facebook page “The Political Labandera” has taken to Facebook predicting Kim Chiu’s showbiz career will suffer or worse practically over if police investigation shows the ambush story was a hoax.

The netizen behind the FB page “The Political Labandera” or TPL for short opened the FB post saying that this could be her last post re Kim Chiu Ambush until there’s a new development. “Malamang last post ko na ‘to re the Kim Chiu Ambush…until there’s new development, like…malaman na ng mga pulis anong motibo sa pananambang sa kanya. Kasi malabo pa bakit cya pinaputukan.”

TPL predicted Kim Chiu’s career may suffer or worse, she will no longer have a career after this, if the ambush is proven to be hoax or a diversionary tactic to distract the public from a bigger scheme. “But there’s just this, her career will suffer or, worse, she might lose it entirely if what happened to her is proven to be a hoax or an elaborate set-up to ‘wag the dog’.”

TPL revealed what people, in general and the Filipinos in particular hates the most. “If there’s anything people hate is being taken for fools just to elicit public sympathy for selfish reasons and interests.”

TPL warned Kim Chiu to brace herself for the worst because the public will be unforgiving. She just hoped Chiu is innocent or a clueless participant of the charade. “The public will be very unforgiving if they realize they have been taken for a ride. And the fallout on Chiu’s career would be nasty. I pray that she really is just an innocent or unknowing “participant” in all this…SLOPPY charade. Someone soooooo clueless, she wouldn’t know any better.”

TPL remarked that the people behind the Kim Chiu “ambush” drama failed to foresee the unnatural reaction of the actress. “For whoever did this whole thing didn’t count on Kim NOT DOING what people usually do in THAT kind of situation, and that’s to go straight to police station to file a report and blotter the incident.”

“Instead, she went straight to her scheduled taping with police escorts,” TPL added.

TPL called Kim Chiu’s blunder a costly mistake because it spoiled the entire ambush narrative. “And, by her doing so; going to her taping and still working 2 scenes for her teleserye as if nothing happened…threw off the entire Ambush narrative.”

TPL said that Kim Chiu’s initial behavior already said it all – that her ambush story didn’t add up. “Her initial behavior was already one dead giveaway that something is off because her reaction and actions JUST DIDN’T ADD UP.”

Moving on…neeeexxt!

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Source: The Political Labandera

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