Netizen writes an open letter, chides Pnoy for pampering 4Ps members over old SSS pensioners

An open letter addressed to President Aquino chiding him for pampering 4Ps members over old SSS pensioners is doing the rounds online.


In a Facebook post by ‎Mae M. Go, the netizen perfectly articulated the sentiments of the old SSS pensioners in the open letter.

Ms. Go question the logic of giving financial help to young 4Ps members who could still work to earn a living while turning deaf ears to the senior citizens who worked their butts off at their prime in the private sector, paid taxes to the government and paid their dues to SSS.

If not for the discriminatory climate in our labor force, some oldies are willing enter the work force again if given the chance.

These retired pensioners are now aged 60 years old and up. Who the hell in this country willing to accept an old, slow moving, diabetic, hypertensive old man/woman for work? NONE!!! That’s why they are forced to retire at 65 because they are not effective, they are not productive anymore.

She said the majority of the senior citizens are receiving pensions in the range of P2,000 pesos to as high as P7,000 pesos a month but that’s about it.

The majority of the senior netizens she said, depend on their SSS pension to cover the cost of medicines for various ailments in old age, food and paying the utilities.

Ms. Go added, the old SSS pensioners are not asking for the moon, but having the money to cover their basic needs is already enough.

Ms. Go chides the government for kowtowing to the sector the government categorized as poor who can still “allocate some amount for load and internet.”

Ms. Go understands why Pnoy lacks empathy for the old SSS pensioners.

You cannot see their suffering because you don’t have one in your family who lives on their pension month after month.

Ms. Go raises the question why the government cannot allow the P2,000 pesos pension hike when it can it easily intervene to prevent its fear from happening.

You’re concerned that SSS might go bankrupt in the future should you increase the pension? The government cannot subsidize it?

Ms. Go said that if the Pnoy government can spend billions of pesos for people who are in their prime, can work for a living, but neglect the elderly sector is like rubbing salt to the wounds of the SSS pensioners.

Ms. Go further adds, the dole out system aka 4Ps program encourages laziness, crime, and corruption!!!

Before ending her post, the netizen wonders if depriving the old SSS pensioners of a deserved pension hike is just and proper.

Tama kaya na pagkaitan ang mga kaawa-awang matatanda who spent the prime of their lives working their butt out for a living and now old and sickly BUT give favor to those 4Ps recipient who are still able to work to support their families?

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Dear Mr. President,Let me remind you that those who are receiving SSS pensions are old people who spent the prime of…

Posted by Mae M. Go on Saturday, February 6, 2016

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