Netizen writes ferocious response vs Korina Sanchez’s viral Instagram post accusing DDS paid trolls of Duterte

Ms. Korina Sanchez has taken up the cudgels on behalf of Kapamilya stars Coco Martin and Kim Chiu who were subjected to online bashing for their highly emotional defense of the Kapamilya network.

ICYMI, Korina Sanchez accused Coco Martin and Kim Chiu’s online bashers on Instagram as paid trolls of the Duterte administration.

Ms. Sanchez said the way to handle these trolls is to ignore or engage. Engaging paid trolls is simply speaking back for everyone else to see what trash they are. 

Korina’s Instagram post took off, spread like wildfire on Instagram and went viral.

Eventually, the supporters of President Duterte whom Korina and fellow Dilawan called DDS picked up her post and turned it into a meme and shared on Facebook.

The meme inspired the Facebook page “The Brave Filipinos” to craft a ferocious response to Korina accusing DDS as government paid trolls.

Korina’s Instagram post here.

Essentially, the response from the pro-DDS FB page tells Korina to know the 7 facts about the DDS whether she accepts it or not.

You may check the original FB post below now.

Korina Sanchez-Roxas,
Whether you accept or not;

1. DDS is a fact and truth by and in itself ever existed since campaign period of Pres. Duterte up to present. Why can’t you accept this fact?

2. This particular fact of DDS existence, is the pulse of majority Filipinos- representing all classes of the society, from poorest of the poor to poor to middle class to rich private individuals. Since you belonged to Oligarch you are included here.

3. DDS may be bashers but I assure you NOT PAID TROLLS. YELLOW LP has proven doing your bitter accusation to us. 16M DDS of all ages, paid since 2015 to 2020? C’mon! Establish your proofs and evidences before us now! If you cannot, then your statement prove that you are not just an ordinary liar but a professional skillful liar desperately tried to deceive your ordinary followers! Ang yaman naman ng Pangulo Kung sweldado kaming lahat!

4. If Kim Chiu and Coco Martin and ABS CBN artists bashed the President and his administration on the matters of Pandemic and ABS CBN issues then why don’t we have the right to bash them too? It is our president (not yours) that they’re attacking!!!

5. Korina step back a little and pick up once again the very basic of life. The Golden Rule: Do not do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you. Learn from this and you will become a real person, not ABS CBN can!

6. Yes, bashing is bashing! If you pick it up be ready to enjoy it. But since you talked about this, my question is: WHOSE DOING IT? MOST OF DDS BASHINGS ARE JUST REPLIES BECAUSE MOST BASHING THAT IGNITE REPLIES ARE COMING FROM YOUR SIDE-Yellow LP and it’s allies and supporters!

7. Sharpen your analytical skills and be prudent! I am a DDS but not a paid troll. Aren’t you paid by LP and ABS? Got get mad, I’m just asking.

Your reaction?

Source: The Brave Filipinos


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