Netizens, critics reacts on Duterte’s plea for 6-month extension in eradicating illegal drugs

Less than 100 days into office, President Duterte asks for extension in his self-imposed deadline set during the election campaign to crush the illegal drugs in 3-6 months.

Realizing the magnitude of the illegal drug problem is so huge that the 3-6 month deadline is impossible to meet, Duterte recently ask for a 6-month extension to eradicate the illegal drugs in the country.

The Duterte remarked was made during the media presentation of the recently freed Norwegian hostage Kjartan Sekkingstad in Davao City, where he detailed the magnitude of the drug problem in the country.

Just give me a little extension of maybe another 6 months. I didn’t have any idea that there were hundreds of thousands of people already in the drug business. And what makes it worse is that they are operated now by people in government, especially those in elected positions. So it would be government versus government.

Upon hearing this, the critics of President Duterte wasted no time in poking fun at the President for not honoring his election campaign promise to step down if he can’t fulfill it.

Netizen Valentin Jose Adrian Bonite says:

What happened to 6 months or resign?

Ilink Mero says:

Well, talagang wala na akong tiwala syo duterte…Sabi mo if within 6 months from office di mo maeradicate ang war on drugs mo ay magreresign ka, at sasamahan ka naman ni Cayetano sa pag resign…Now you’re asking for another 6 months extension?

Raymond Gatchalian Debuque says:

To be fair, only idiots would have thought this was possible, lol

Meanwhile, netizens who supported the President in the May 2016 election expresses continued support for Duterte.

Maria Veronica Mendoza Gonzales says:

No, Mr. President. You don’t have to ask. You have all the time (6years) you need.

Darwin Acorda Villanueva says:

Our drug problem is far worse than what our President have thought. We are on the point of no return, we must help Duterte finish this war. God bless the Philippines!

Rosalinda Tuayon says:

At least there is a man once in our life who tried to fight against the deep rooted problem from heinous crimes and even ruin more victims mind. If nobody will take an action, who would try to do it??? Do you think this is still funny for more than three millions infected by this drug addiction? Is it all a joke for you when almost everyday minors got raped, robbery had flowed over the news? If 3-6 months is not enough? So when are we going to start to stop them? Mr. President, we look forward to go with you along the way as long as you are our president! Because we care for our children’s children.

Joseph Jan Lobaton says:

At least wala pang six months matumal na bintahan ng druga, dito sa amin panay yosi at tuma na lang ang ginagawa ng mga adik ang iba abala na sa kakahanap ng trabaho keep up the good work Sir all is well.

Dr. Antonio Contreras of De La Salle University gave the best comment in my opinion, in defending Duterte while attacking his critics.

At sineryoso niyo naman ang yabang ni Digong noong kandidato pa siya na kaya niyang walisin ang droga at krimen sa loob ng tatlo hanggang anim na buwan?

Sus naman. Kahit yung mga bumoto sa kanya marami doon ang hindi naniwala.

At mero naman siyang pinagkaiba kay PNOy. At least si Digong, walang sinisising iba. Kinilala ang kanyang maling tantiya, na hindi pala niya kaya.

At pwede ba, wala pang 100 days yan, dami niyo nang reklamo.

Please post your reaction or comment below.

Source: Dr. Antonio Contreras



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