Netizen’s photo of PRRD’s risky heli ride to Guimaras to visit victims of boat tragedies while Typhoon Hanna was brewing goes viral

Recently, a dark and blurry photo of the horizon taken in Iloilo posted by netizen King Rodriguez has created a buzz on Facebook, generating thousands of shares and reactions from netizens.

Rodriguez wrote a very emotional caption to describe his photo and help netizens understand what it was all about.

You may read the full text of King Rodriguez full FB post below.

To my Boss who is not afraid of any eventualities amidst risky conditions because of the passion to serve.

Nothing and no one can stop him amidst zero visibility to Guimaras while flying thru Typhoon Hanna on a heli.

That was not just an experience with the bravest and wisest of them all but a lifetime memory to witness why this man deserves to be our President.

Saludo, PRRD!


Netizen Maria Fema Duterte Because God protect Him all the way to his mission through skies ,sea and land. 🙏🙏🙏🇵🇭

Jerson Torculas Bagsik PRRD d best!

Abs Abando He is the “Father of the Nation”!

Meanwhile, the other half of the FB page Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan Trixie Cruz-Angeles couldn’t resist and took a swipe at Leni Robredo while commenting on the photo.

Kamusta naman yung umalis nung humahagupit ang bagyo sa hometown niya? Yung nag remote control relief efforts daw. Inutos sa mga minions, kung baga. Yung di umuwi dahil, bakasyon na one year nang pinlano kaya, kebs …

Susan Urzula i luv prrd.. real & authentic.. to those who dislike him.. stop pestering no end

Roderos Rubinos Yan ang hinahanap natin bilang Pangulo, kahit anong laban walang inaatrasan, kaya sa mga kritiko ng Pangulo San pa kayo, lalo na itong mga liberal Party, konting ulan, kidlat Takot na….. Itong VP parang suhot …..😬

Encarnacion Ramos Haay naku! Kunting ingat lang po Mr President , parang munting tutubi sa himpapawid sakay ang pag asa ng mamayang Filipino. My prayer oh Lord to send your angel protecting our nation president.

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