Netizens, pro-admin bloggers call out Robredo for ignoring IATF protocols while visiting typhoon victims

An eagle-eyed netizen has sounded the alarm after a photo of Vice President Leni Robredo showing her violating IATF protocols making the rounds online lately.

Photo credits to The Philippine Star

The netizen who called Robredo’s attention on Facebook is none other than Mike Acebedo Lopez, a Duterte supporter but has been inactive in the political post lately until today.

On Facebook, Lopez lamented that Robredo has always been out giving relief in typhoon-ravaged areas which she claim the government failed to respond and inadvertently exposing herself to the virus.

“Ma’am, with due respect, since you’re supposedly always out and about giving relief in areas you claim government has failed to respond, it means you are extra exposed.”

Lopez asked Robredo, in a respectful manner, to refrain from shaking hands with senior citizens and having kids mano to her. Besides, the campaign season has not yet started and even if it were, it does not give her the license to throw away the IATF protocol on social distancing.

“So please, for the sake of the people you’re helping, stop shaking hands (with senior citizens pa) and having kids mano sayo. It’s not yet campaign period and even if it were, the protocol on strict distancing will not be set aside. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Lopez ended the brief FB post by borrowing Leni Robredo’s tweet about government officials not exempted from covid-19 protocols.

“Like you said in a tweet, no one is exempt from COVID-19 protocols, especially government leaders. This includes you. Thank you. #SuperSpreaderWarning

Lopez’s FB post has generated criticism against the Vice President.

One netizen joked that Robredo is a good example among politicians. “magandang halimbawa ng polpolitiko..kawawang mahihirap!! casualty na nga ng kalamidad, magiging pandemya pa..tsk! tsk..🤔

Another netizen made sarcastic remark, saying Robredo might even blame the government for failing to provide the people with free masks, etc… “sasabihin pa nyan, kasalanan ng gobyerno bakit hindi binibigyan ang mga tao ng libreng masks, shields and alcohol.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Meanwhile, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu wrote on her wall that this is worse than the Debold Sinas “mananita” incident.

“Debold Sinas was surprised by his people. Hindi nya plinano. At sila sila lang. What’s worse is when you KNOWINGLY risk others, babies and seniors, considering if you’ve been isolated because of possibility of contracting Covid. Hay Buhay”


Source: Mike Acebedo Lopez

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