Netizens react after Ombudsman indicts former VP Binay for graft and falsification of public documents

The news of former VP Binay’s indictment by the Office of the Ombudsman for graft and falsification of public documents is making the rounds online lately.

The news report reminds netizens that at one point during the heat of the Presidential campaign, the then Mayor Duterte told the voters that VP Binay would be the first “big fish” to be thrown in jail for corruption if he wins.

In fairness to Duterte, he later clarified that he will not personally get involved with the corruption cases against his rivals in the event he wins the presidential race and let the Ombudsman and the DOJ do their jobs independently.

In a news article published by GMA News, “the Ombudsman through its prosecutorial arm Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) charged Binay with violation of Section 3 (e) of Republic Act 3019 or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, Falsification of Public Documents as defined under Article 171 of the Revised Penal Code (RPC) and violation Republic Act 9184 or the Government Procurement Reform Act,” the post reads.

The camp of former VP Binay slammed Ombudsman Conchita Rosales for the move and accused her of using the filing of cases as a diversionary tactic.

The former VP assured the public he will face his accusers in the proper forum.

Joey Salgado, Binay’s spokesperson issued a press statement in light of this recent development.

Clearly this is a diversionary move intended to shield her (Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales) political patrons from public indignation.

Mr. Salgado accused the anti-graft body of acting as the protector of the former ruling party, the Liberal party. Please read the article here.

Let us check out how the netizens respond to VP Binay’s indictment.

JD Zobel wrote:

Si duterte na po ang presidente ngayon hindi na si pnoy, kung malinis ka at wala kang ginawang mali harapin mo ng mapahiya mo si morales… Kaso malabo eh d kanamn sampahan ng kaso kung d ka magnanakaw

Juanito Canlas wrote:

During the Blue Ribbon Committee hearing, you never showed up to answer the allegations despite repeated appeal to you to appear, and you keep saying you will answer it on the proper forum and now this is it. Let us hear now your alibi. You better have a good one or else you’ll be in jail the rest of your life.

Toby Ereve wrote:

Anjan na naman tayo …tapos na election…pulitika pa din?..face the charges…if you’re not guilty show proofs..prove it.

Kung guilty ka…ihanda mo na sarile mo sa kulungan..kasama wheel chair para pag labas mga sakit mo ready na…ung mga alibis.hahaha..

Marciana Domingo wrote:

Isunod mo n sila noynoy, abaya, abad, roxas alcala kung talagang fair k morales, hindi un mga kalaban ng yellow tard ang target mo…

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Source: GMA News


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